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Episode 6: "One of Those 'Coach' Moments" Filmed: Nov. 17-19, 2008
Airdate: April 2, 2009
Episode 6: Summary | RC | Exile | IC | Boot || Future challenges
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Survivor: Tocantins (recap-based) future challenge spoilers/ speculation
  Clips from several future episodes were featured in the recap episode (aired 3/25/09). This page compiles what we and others have gleaned from them, about how the game plays out going forward.
Future challenge 1: "Spider" | Eight or four players left (F8 or F4)

  From the overhead shot, the layout of this course is like a giant spider, with long net tunnels for the legs, and puzzle tables (we're guessing that's what they're for) on the abdomen. The nets lead to bags, presumably of puzzle pieces. There are only four tables, and they're color-coded (black, green, white, red), so the challenge is at the individual stage of the game - either in four pairs of two at F8, or four solo contestants at F4 (we'd guess F4). JT and Taj are the only players shown, with JT collecting green items, and Taj is wearing black.
   Note that JT has acquired a stripe of blue paint on the back of his shirt at this point. Also, the colors on both his and Taj's buffs, while matching each other, have clearly been altered, and don't resemble the normal color of the Jalapao buffs seen in the first five episodes. Just an attempt by CBS to hide the true color.
   Also, a DreamTeam run-through of this challenge is shown behind Jeff Probst in the "behind the scenes" video CBS posted, showing the making of the main title sequence. VolcanicGlass at Survivor Phoenix has some excellent caps of those shots.

Future challenge 1 vidcaps: click to view larger picture
overhead shot probst says go Taj gets ready to race
JT, Taj start JT, Taj start JT exits a tunnel
JT reaches for a bag JT misses a bag

Future reward 1: River rafting trip | Unknown position, Stephen & ? on reward?

  The overhead shot shows five people in a raft, but it looks like a decoy shot, since the second set of pics shows people in different positions, and we see Stephen's red shorts in the raft (not obvious in the overhead shot). There appear to be at least two guides in the front of the shot (khaki shirts, black shorts). Behind them, middle of the second shot is someone in a light-colored shirt, best match appears to be JT (although the shorts don't seem to match his). There's also someone in a dark shirt on the right-hand side of the second picture, possibly Tyson (or another guide)?

Future challenge 1 vidcaps: click to view larger picture
overhead shot Stephen's red shorts at left JT

Future challenge 2: Skinny Coach reaction

  Not much to go on here, challenge-wise, apart from Coach apparently not winning something. (It would be amusing if it's from his boot episode). But he's in a false-colored, presumably merge tribe buff (made to look black... -ish), and is much skinnier, more weathered, and more heavily bearded than he was in Ep5. So it looks like he lasts a while. Doesn't appear to be from future challenge 1 (the spider one), since he has no colored headband on.

Future challenge 2 vidcaps: click to view larger picture
skinny Coach reacts  

Future challenge 3: Emotional Taj (family visit?)

  Again, not much to work with challenge-wise, but this one shows Taj reacting happily to something, next to Probst. Since it's a solo shot of her with Probst, it's from the individual challenge portion of the game. From the body language, either she won a great reward, or it could be from the family visit episode. It doesn't appear to be from future challenge 1 (the spider one), since she's dressed differently.

Future challenge 3 vidcaps: click to view larger picture
Probst, Taj    

Future camp shot: Sierra in a merge buff

  Not a challenge shot, per se, but it does show Sierra in what is clearly not a black Timbira buff. Presumably a merged tribe buff (which, as SurvivorPhoenix shows conclusively here, is green), that has been especially poorly false-colored by CBS. Note also that SurvivorPhoenix caught Tyson's bearded out-of-context confessional about "God's candy" in the recap as also having a doctored buff color.

Future camp shot vidcaps: click to view larger picture
sierra in a merge buff  

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