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True Dork Times Survivor 18: Tocantins spoilers
Episode 2: "The Poison Apple Needs to Go" Filmed: November 5-7, 2008
Airdate: February 19, 2009
Episode 2: Summary | RC/IC | Exile | Boot
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Survivor: Tocantins episode 2 detailed RC/IC spoilers/ speculation

   New shots from weekend ads show a little more of this challenge than was evident in the post-Ep1 preview. Of particular interest are the arrival and challenge-explanation shots, below:
Pre-challenge RC/IC pictures: click to view larger picture
probst speaks timbira jalapao
  i have a twist  

   The post-Ep1 preview showed one challenge. As pointed out by Kona at MeSS, the CBSPressExpress site lists the press photos of this challenge as both "the reward and immunity challenge 'Beach Brawl'"and as taking place on Day 5. As evidence that the caption writers weren't just making up the combined RC/IC bit, both the immunity idol (on a pedestal) and a pile of what appears to be some kind of reward are next to Probst. He's also holding up a piece of paper and saying there's a twist he'll explain after the challenge (this would be that the losing tribe exiles on of their own, then gets to pick someone from the winning tribe as well).
   The challenge itself seems to be a water-logged version of full-contact basketball. In the rain. Lots of shots of people splashing, grunting, poking, and pulling each other's suits off. But not a whole lot that indicates progress or victory. Not yet, anyway.
In-challenge RC/IC pictures: click to view larger picture
soggy probst coach, spencer - reward next to probst coach, spencer - reward next to probst
joe sierra vs. taj principal cheerleader
candace vs. sydney candace whips sydney around like a rag doll jt vs. tyson
jt vs. tyson taj takes the ball taj takes the ball
candace vs taj sydney tired sierra
sandy strips erinn candace shoots candace's shot looks good
erinn, coach joe, spencer candace
tyson vs taj sydney drained coach

post-rc sandy?    Who wins? Sandy is shown in the intro, soaking wet and grinning, while walking slowly. That seems like a decent candidate for a post-challenge shot. Also, the consensus at MeSS (which seems well-placed) is that the whole "Taj is a rich NFL wife" storyline in this episode is to distract from the actual boot. And what better way than to have her be in danger, only to be saved when her tribe wins the RC/IC?
    On the other hand, we were somewhat attached to the theory that Joe is booted soon, possibly now, which wouldn't work with all of this. But maybe Joe is merely exiled. After all, why would Monty Brinton be setting up shop in Timbira camp on Day 6, if they have nothing of interest to discuss until the next episode's RC?
   So a tentative nod to: Jalapao wins RC/IC.

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