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Episode 2: "The Poison Apple Needs to Go" Filmed: November 5-7, 2008
Airdate: February 19, 2009
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Survivor: Tocantins episode 2 detailed boot spoilers/ speculation
snakey   Very little to work with at this point. Probst happily mentions Coach, Sierra, Stephen, Debbie, Tyson, Taj and Spencer as key characters this season (here and here), so we'd guess they're not on the chopping block this early.

   If Jalapao returns to tribal council, Sandy would be an obvious pick for the boot, although they could surprise again and ditch someone like
Sydney instead. Seems unlikely, but since Probst begs them not to in his EW column, maybe it's not that far off. Although there's also Joe, who Probst thought was the second coming of his sainted Colby before filming started, but sadly seems to slipped Probst's mind since the show wrapped.
    Notably, Carolina, Joe and Sandy were the three people shown on Jalapao when Probst sent them back to camp after their Ep1 IC loss. We'd guess they're the first three out on that tribe. And Sandy was also listed as one of Probst's memorable characters, so it's probably not her yet. Not to mention that Joe is the first person shown, plowing through a field of water by himself, in the post-Ep1 preview, and the camera zooms in on him pre-Ep2 RC/IC. But while this would be an interesting story, signs seem to point to Jalapao winning the RC/IC. (True, if Joe is exiled and comes back prior to TC, he could in theory choose to mutiny onto Timbira just long enough to be booted, but that seems pretty far-fetched).

Candace?   So if Timbira makes their first tribal trek, Candace hasn't seemed to do much so far, and apart from not wanting to be leader (an odd position, on a tribe with a very openly self-annointed leader), we haven't heard too much from Jerry either. Either one of them could be out quickly.
   On paper, we'd guess Candace, although she was pretty much invisible in the first episode apart from a half-hearted "wow" at Naked Tyson, while Jerry was at least introduced, and gets a seemingly ironic last word in the 30-second ad from the weekend (Tyson: "This is just the beginning," Jerry: "I know it"). Maybe, in the absence of Coach, Jerry steps up as leader, breaking his Ep1 pledge, and somehow managing to irritate his ungrateful tribemates in the process.

With not much more to go on, the safe money is probably with Candace. CBS did put up a clip showing her nearly breaking down in a day 2 confessional, and the ads show her bad-mouthing Coach, which fits the title. And we all know what happened to Stacey Stillman when Rudy was in danger... will these lawyers never learn?

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