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True Dork Times Survivor 18: Tocantins spoilers
Episode 13: "I Trust You, But I Trust Me More" (Season finale) Filmed: December 8-10, 2008
Airdate: Sun., May 17, 2009
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Survivor: Tocantins episode 13 detailed jury spoilers/ speculation
  Since we're projecting a JT-Stephen final two, largely based on Probst's promise of "a really good finish, one of the best winners we've had in a really long time," we'll run through the relative jury preferences for the two of them, as near as we can figure*. Update: Coach apparently inadvertently revealed that Stephen at least is one of the final two. Oops! (ETA: Looks like missyae at Sucks noted this first).

*Legal disclaimer: Keep in mind that our track record on these things is probably worse than picking by chance. Use at your own risk.

  Why should I vote for...
Voter: jt
Finalist 1 (JT?)

Finalist 2 (Stephen?)
erinn - No obvious reason. Have they even talked? - Seems to spend a lot of time talking strategy with Stephen. (Although she also seems to think they're all her ideas).
taj - Unclear, but seems to like JT a lot.
- Was audibly impressed by JT's speed in challenges.
- Also likes Stephen, so it's hard to say.
coach - Fellow Warrior, JT honored him at his final IC. - He did at least a nickname (Wizard).
debbie - "I'll give it to you, JT"
- Fellow Alabamian.
- RNO: "Stephen out in the game came off as a follower of JT" (h/t LKMOSCAR)
sierra - No obvious reason. - May prefer Stephen's more cerebral play.
- Was theoretically in that cross-tribal alliance with him (even though it never did anything).
tyson - Chief competitor in challenges, may either get credit or blame for the blindside.
- In post-game interviews, said he didn't realize Stephen was the mastermind until seeing it on TV.
- Blindside could also work for or against. Unclear how visible Stephen masterminding was to Tyson.
brendan - Voting for JT would make his life complete. - Well, they did spoon on Exile.
Projected totals: JT: 5?; Stephen: 2?
Projected winner: JT?

   So who wins? We're going with JT. He was the first contestant shown in the Episode 1 intro, Probst seems rather excited to still have part of his tooth, and everybody just seems to like him. To be honest, Probst would probably get pretty giddy if either one of them won, and we're thinking he'd mostly be excited about the finish if there are no goats stinking up the final two. But one of them does have to win, and we'll choose JT.

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