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True Dork Times Survivor 18: Tocantins spoilers
Episode 13: "I Trust You, But I Trust Me More" (Season finale) Filmed: December 8-10, 2008
Airdate: Sun., May 17, 2009
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Survivor: Tocantins episode 13 detailed F4 immunity challenge spoilers/ speculation
  As was long carried along in our future challenges page, featuring shots from the recap, this should be the final four IC. From the overhead shot, the layout of this course is like a giant spider, with long net tunnels for the legs, and puzzle tables (we're guessing that's what they're for) on the abdomen. The nets lead to bags, presumably of puzzle pieces. There are four tables, and they're color-coded (black, green, white, red). JT and Taj are the only players shown, with JT collecting green items, and Taj is wearing black. (Stephen is white and Erinn red, to complete the set).
   Also, a DreamTeam run-through of this challenge is shown behind Jeff Probst in the "behind the scenes" video CBS posted, showing the making of the main title sequence. VolcanicGlass at Survivor Phoenix has some excellent caps of those shots.
   From the post-Ep12 preview, the puzzle tables are visible behind the contestants at the starting line.

F4 immunity challenge vidcaps: click to view larger picture
spider ic spider ic
starting line starting line
stephen erinn
jt taj
mid-challenge jt grabs a bag

   So who wins? There's a lot of running involved, and as JT showed in the Ep12 RC, that gives him an advantage. True, the puzzle at the end could be an equalizer. But we're guessing not, unless more vidcaps emerge proving otherwise.

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