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True Dork Times Survivor 18: Tocantins spoilers
Episode 13: "I Trust You, But I Trust Me More" (Season finale) Filmed: December 8-10, 2008
Airdate: Sun., May 17, 2009
Episode 13: Summary | F4 IC | F4 Boot | F3 IC | F3 Boot | Jury vote
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Survivor: Tocantins episode 13 detailed final four boot spoilers/ speculation
   Four entered, three will return to camp. For his part, Jeff Probst swears "there is definitely a betrayal in the finale".

   There's really no incentive here for JT or Stephen (or Taj, for that matter) to boot anyone other than Erinn here. If she manages to win immunity, it should be Taj, instead. But it seems somewhat unlikely that Erinn would win immunity.

   For a Hail Mary short-term play, Taj and Erinn could try to force a tie against either JT or Stephen (whichever one doesn't have immunity). From Taj's persepective, it probably won't pay off in jury opinions, but it's a reasonable shot at the final two. Too bad they spent all that time showing how Stephen now knows how to make fire.

taj - f4 boot?
erinn - f4 boot?
JT & Stephen - final two?
the son also rises

   Yet another alternative take (above) from the web promo, which features the four shots above at its tail end, while JT is saying "This is a game for a million dollars. You have to be ruthless": Taj (F4 boot?) - Erinn (F3 boot?) - JT & Stephen (Final two?) - Sun rising behind JT's head. If it's Taj that's booted here, that would fit Probst's promised "betrayal." But would they really broadcast the boot order like that? Hmmm.

   Okay, we'll run with it: Taj is booted at the F4 spot?

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