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True Dork Times Survivor 18: Tocantins spoilers
Episode 13: "I Trust You, But I Trust Me More" (Season finale) Filmed: December 8-10, 2008
Airdate: Sun., May 17, 2009
Episode 13: Summary | F4 IC | F4 Boot | F3 IC | F3 Boot | Jury vote
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Survivor: Tocantins episode 13 detailed final three boot spoilers/ speculation
snakey   Lots of variables here. Stephen appears to definitely be in the final two, giving us a 1-in-3 shot at guessing this boot correctly.

   Out of JT, Taj and Erinn, we've let the CBS web promo designers convince us that Taj is the boot at the final four (discussion here). So this is essentially a choice between Erinn and JT. You could make a plausible case that JT fits all the requirements of the traditional great-gameplay, popular guy who just misses the final vote (Terry, Yau-Man, heck, even Cesternino). But occasionally that guy actually makes it to the final two (Colby, Ethan, Boston Rob, Tom in Palau, Ozzy/Yul).
   So while it's possible Erinn could squeak through, we'll stick to our post-merge projection of JT making the final two, which leaves Erinn as the F3 boot.
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