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True Dork Times Survivor 18: Tocantins spoilers
Survivor: Tocantins general/ pre-show spoilers Filmed: Oct.-Dec., 2008
Airdate: Spring, 2009
As far as we know, anyway...
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Survivor: Tocantins general spoiler/ speculation summary
Kristin dos Santos for E!News Online
March 9, 2009: From a larger story about reporters passing out when being forced to interview Probst:

"As for the current season of Survivor (Tocantins), Jeff promises more twists and turns coming our way. "There's a record number of blindsides this year, which is always fun. There's more tribal councils where people don't know they're going home and they get zapped than we ever had before." He also is excited about the final outcome."[We have] a really good finish, one of the best winners we've had in a really long time."

Jeff Probst's EW blog
March 6, 2009: We're not sure this really has anything to do with anything, but we were interested that Probst happened to run this list of names off in order on his post-Ep4 blog entry:

"I know you guys like insight, so here's a little Insight: Right now every other contestant on this season is reading this blog and they are sooooo mad at me for continuing to talk about Coach, the least liked person on the show. They want me to talk about them. Erinn wants me to talk about her incredible sex appeal. Brendan wants me to talk about how smart he was for creating "Bare Naked Granola" and making millions (yep he did). Taj wants me to talk about how good she looks...for her age...(ha, sorry Taj). Stephen wishes I would comment on his enormous brain. And Sierra – oh well, you get my point. All I can say to that is, sorry. Not my problem. As an audience member I just think Coach is hilarious."

Jeff Probst on the Ellen DeGeneres Show
February 19, 2009: As noted by JoeMadChina at Sucks, Probst on Ellen DeGeneres: "We had four full-on medical evacuations" for poisonous snake bites in Tocantins. The video seems to skip right at the interesting part (editing by Viacom?), but the sole concrete is example is a cameraman named Paul. It's not clear from what Probst says if any contestants are among the evacuees.

Video: Click here

Jeff Probst's EW blog
December 18, 2008: As a Sucks/Skills regular pointed out to us in email, Jeff Probst bragged about the lack of recent-season additions to the Survivor structure in his final EW blog entry for Survivor: Gabon, which was posted shortly after filming for Tocantins wrapped (he conveniently overlooks the excessive emphasis on Exile Island, but apparently they're sure that's reality gold):

"And for those of you who don't like us switching up the tribes because it screws you up in your Survivor pool, how about switches next season. Straight Survivor. Is that what you want? Two tribes. No switch. One merge. Final 2. Okay, fine. Done. I'll call CBS and tell them I've made a decision."

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