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TDT Survivor 12: Panama - Exile Island Spoilers
Filmed: December 6-8, 2005
Airdate: Sun. May 14, 2006
Episode at-a-glance: RC | Exile | IC | Jury vote | Vidcaps
Spoilers - Click to jump to: Pre-show; Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
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Vidcaps: Click to view
danielle has fire
Post-Ep13 preview (5/11)
Gallery of all Episode 14 vidcaps: Click here


Reward challenge: Is there one?
Probably not. It's been a while since a two-hour finale was devoted to three people. Here, the episode covers three full days, and requires an F3 boot on the second day. There's potentially space for an RC, but more likely they'll opt for the now-traditional reflection on departed contestants, rather than coming up with yet another reward, and exiling someone for under 24 hours.

Exile: Is there one?
Again, probably not. (See above). Unless we see vidcap evidence to the contrary.

Immunity challenge: Climbing a wall - Aras wins, Terry booted
It's not obvious that this challenge is necessarily the IC, but it's clearly from the final three episode, because there are only lanes for three competitors. Notably, Terry and Aras are shown, so they're obviously safe in the F4 episode (which shows only that neither hands over their respective immunity necklace).

The challenge appears to involve using a small number of pegs to plug into holes on an inclined wall, and use them to climb to the top. Presumably, something must be done to retrieve the pegs in the first place, because Danielle is well behind, not yet on the wall. Also, for the same reason, the part shown cannot be at the start, but may in fact be near the end. Aras has a slight lead over Terry, but slips and loses ground. Oh, the drama! Who will win?! (Hint: Not Terry).

Well, ChillOne says Terry makes the final two. We've heard Aras and Danielle are the final two (as has Wickchix). So we'll say Aras wins, and Terry gets the boot. Finally.
Immunity Challenge vidcaps - Click thumbnail to view larger image
terry - f3 ic? terry, probst - f3 ic? aras, terry, probst - f3 ic?
aras, terry, probst - f3 ic? terry, aras, danielle - f3 ic  

Jury vote: Aras vs. Danielle
On to the most important question: Who wins the million dollars?
Answer: One of Aras or Danielle. But beyond that, we have no idea.

So... on to the guessing. CBS has claimed (in the ad for Thursday's penultimate show): "Don't miss the stunning, surprise finale." Honestly, would anybody be surprised if Aras won? We think not, although maybe they're hoping people will be surprised if Terry comes in third.

For most of the season, we thought Aras would win. And indeed, we do have one fairly solid tip that suggests he ought to be the favorite. And maybe he actually is. But along the way, we've been struck by how the editing has consistently seemed to undercut Aras's abilities as a leader, while highlighting Danielle's ability to turn votes around, and/or affect the outcome of votes (booting Bobby, turning down Terry's hidden idol overtures). So we'll play along. If the Survivor editing team wants us to think Danielle might have a chance, here's a a heap of hand-waving arguments as to why Danielle might win:

The boots from Courtney on have been tied to the following/preceding boots by fights: Courtney fought with Shane, his boot followed hers. Cirie wanted to mess up Shane's plans, and backstabbed him: Cirie followed Shane out. Cirie also wanted to interfere with Terry, and fought with him at the start of Ep13: Terry (F3) follows her (F4). And the late post-merge focus has been on fights between Aras and Terry. Logically, Aras should thus follow Terry, leaving Danielle to claim the million.

bayoneta - 1st; viveros - 2nd; la mina - 3rdThen there's the Exile Island shot at right. Note the water has been false-colored green. That's because it's meant to represent the order of the final three finishers, by original tribe. At the bottom (3rd place) is La Mina orange (Terry). Next is Viveros green (Aras, 2nd place). And on top, emerging through the clouds: the clear skies shining Bayoneta blue (Danielle, 1st place).

If you want to read more, highly similar crap, click here.

We have no idea how the jury votes will come down, although we think it's fairly likely that Courtney will vote for Aras, and Bruce for Danielle. The rest could go either way.

Is there anything to all this drivel? Probably not. We'll be rooting for a Danielle win, because it would be more interesting. Do we know that happens? Nope.

Update: Sucks poster dissimilis has fairly unequivocal evidence that Aras and Danielle are indeed the final two. Additional details from dissimilis's posts:
- Terry votes for Aras
- "Courtney looked giddy in the jury box, so I'm assuming Danielle got raked over the coals."

Based on this new information, things certainly look good for Aras.
Have some info we missed? We'll take it: Click here