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Recent relevant spoiler updates from Sucks
Added: October 23, 2010

Going through missyae's 200+-page spoiler thread at Sucks is a chore. We did it, so you don't have to.

  • missyae (10/21/10, 8:54 a.m.) "The merge happens at Espada's camp. Before it's over the camp catches on fire while they are at a challenge. LaFlor took over their Sears crates with them. They were keeping the crates around the fire at night. This particular day before leaving for a challenge some players put some extra wood on the fire and left the crates too close to the fire, instead of removing them during the daytime like they normally did. It was a reward challenge. Whomever did not win reward had a nice cleanup job when they returned to camp. POOF Tarp was burned, some clothes, shoes. Jane was one of the ones who placed extra wood.... and eventually when she leaves she gets so mad she puts out the campfire."
  • missyae (10/19/10, 7:30 p.m.) "What [was Brenda] gonna do when [her] alliance members decide to turn on [her], nothing. Marty was gone, she could have played with him. Alina was gone, maybe she could have played with her. There were no options. What was she gonna do hook up with Dan? LOL Benry? LOL Even if she did, they still had the numbers. It was the point of The Game where it was time to start getting rid of your own people and she was a threat to them. All she could have done, probably, was try to get an idol from Naonka or Sash."
  • missyae (10/17/10, 1:16 a.m.) "Brenda was voted out. There was a RC the next morning. Nay let it be known at the RC she was quitting, Jeff knew. That same day they go get Brenda and tell her they are going back to TC. At the TC, Nay quits, Kelly S quits, Jeff was fairly easy on them, asked them to keep playing but they declined. Jeff takes BOTH their torches and lays them down in plain view where they have to see them each time they come back to TC to remind them they are both quitters."
  • missyae (10/15/10, 11:16 p.m.) "[Holly and Jane] were both older ladies, I mean I could have mixed them up, huh? Maybe Holly is the last female standing. Either way, I bet Holly HATES immunity idols."
TV Guide previews Survivor: Nicaragua
Added: August 21, 2010

Russell HantzTV Guide previews Survivor: Nicaragua, and includes some previously unseen circa-Ep1 footage. Highlights:

  • Jeff Probst describes Espada as "very interesting" and La Flor as "annoying."
  • Marty is shown wearing the Medallion of Power as the newly formed Espada tribe leaves the opening challenge. (See vidcaps on the Ep1 RC page).
  • There's also a nice shot of the tribal immunity idol (above), which appears to be a life-sized sculpture of Russell Hantz in a conquistador's helmet. Expect it to get 50% of the confessionals in Ep1.
The Hollywood Reporter talks to Jeff Probst (post-game? mid-game?)
Added: August 21, 2010

(The Hollywood Reporter on YouTube): A surprisingly candid interview with Probst in which he says the younger contestants (La Flor) were predictably lackadaisical with respect to game play, but that the older tribe (especially the men) argued more than expected and were trying to take each other out.

Drip, drip, drip...
Added: August 21, 2010

With now less than a month to the premiere, a few more details continue to leak...

  • blackwhale (August 17, 9:06 p.m.): "I know a lot of people are wondering about the 'numbers' as far as how production would need to accomodate the Na'Onka & Kelly quits. I'm told it worked out okay for them because it fit where they wanted to do the post merge double boot episode where they cram two cycles into one episode."
  • missyae (August 19, 4:48 p.m.): "I don't know if they will edit the 2 quitters as a double boot together.... Now if the 2 quitters were shown to be booted on the same eppy, well I guess we would have 2 doublle [sic.] boots involving 4 females."
  • missyae (August 19, 6:13 p.m.): [Men and women are] "Even" [at the merge].
  • missyae (August 19, 10:26 p.m.): "The idol will end up transferring hands but it really has nothing to do with the outcome... much ado about notihng with the idols as far as I know so far."
All right, that does it! Screw you guys, I'm going... to the jury
Added: August 9, 2010

Cast reveal day seems as good as any to finally get around to explaining previous clues.

  • missyae (August 9, 9:10 a.m.): "Two females quit in back to back weeks."
  • missyae (August 9, 11:57 a.m.): "From what I am told, one of the females goes to TC and stabs an alliance member in the back to help boot them out. The very next morning this player then decides to quit.... Then the following week, the other girl quits."
  • missyae (August 9, 2:21 p.m.): "The double boot comes earlier than the 2 quitters.... The amazing thing about the 2 people who quit is how far they had made it ... and then quit.... From the final vote tally, it appears they were allowed on the jury."
  • missyae (August 9, 5:11 p.m.): "...all this begins in episode 1. The players walk in to join Jeff Probst. They have already been divided into 2 teams, but not the old vs young. Jeff talks about the Medallion but does not tell them exactly what power it will hold.... The first challenge is for the Medallion. Brenda Lowe's team wins the Medallion as she is the player who takes possesion of it during the challenge. At that point Jeff then splits them into the old vs. young tribes so the Medallion goes to the young tribe. However, Jeff gives them the option to give the Medallion to the old tribe in exchange for flint. After a quick meeting and deciding nobody could make fire, they choose to take the flint and give the Medallion to the old tribe...."
  • missyae (August 10, 9:49 p.m.): "Neither of the Kellys are the first boot."
One leak is not enough...
Updated: August 6, 2010

The day's not over yet, but some more spoiler-ers getting in on the spoiling action while the spoiling is good...-ish. (Update: Note that missyae has given a blanket and therefore not particularly explanatory thumbs-down to AfricaLover333):

  • AfricaLover333 (August 5, 12:42 p.m. - since deleted):
    "- Chase and Brenda are in a romance where Brenda controls Chase
    - [Friends: Alina, Fabio, Shannon; not in this group: Na Onka and Kelly S.]
    - Shannon calls everyone out on his tribe at TC and does not make the jury
    - The young tribe wins a lot of challenges and their success has nothing to do with strategy what so ever
    - Most big characters leave pre-jury
    - Brenda, Na Onka and Sash form a minority alliance but it doesn't last long"
  • blackwhale (August 5, 8:54 p.m.): "40+ [Espada] tribe members: 6 booted premerge, 4 make jury; 30- [La Flor] tribe members: 2 booted premerge; 5 make jury." (Note that blackwhale's correction from 8 LaFlor jurors to 5 implies an all-La Flor final three).
  • blackwhale (August 6, 11:08 p.m.): "In other news, here's a little clue: in the premerge 'sandwich,' Espada is the 'meat' to La Flor's 'bread'"
    (Translation: First and last pre-merge boots are from La Flor, rest are from Espada - Update (8/10): missyae convolutedly claims that blackwhale's claim is "true" if you're talking about a random assortment of boots from some number of episodes leading up to the merge, and take into account switched tribes. Oooooookay. Ignore).
Dutiful stenography of dueling fanposts
Updated: August 4, 2010

We'll go through the recent Sucks jibber-jabber, so you don't have to. In addition to missyae's usual steady flow of "clues," new poster ooberfan seems to want to get in on the action. What follows is a summary of the past few days' repartee:

  • missyae (July 29, 6:55 p.m.): "I rhink I am going to really like Yve too but I just would not call her a memorable contestant"
  • missyae (August 1, 11:51 a.m.): "Holly is not out first."
  • ooberfan (August 1, 3:35 p.m.): "Shannon: Is a friend of Boo/James/Russell. Is and has been a friend of Shaq for the past 12 years. His "Tribal Council" is being called "The Greatest Tribal Council we've ever had." Not a Mactor. Gonna go down as one to remember, keep an eye on him!!!!"
  • ooberfan (August 1, 5:15 p.m.): "Jill who? hahahahahaha hint hint."
  • missyae (August 2, 4:59 p.m.): [In response to questioning about his choice of Shannon's facebook profile pic as his avatar] "It could be that I think that picture is cute and funny or it could be that he ends up getting bit in the ass.... I think it is both!.... The first boot is a female!!!!"
  • missyae (August 4, 5:22 p.m.): "Kelly B and Shannon will both be memorable characters. A very touching moment will be when Kelly removes the pants to show them why shes been in some pain. Shannon is very outspoken and if you are full of BS, you will be told so.... This might complicate things even more but one of the 'Survivor firsts' I have been hinting about involves 2 females."
  • missyae (August 4, 6:02 p.m.): "Well [ooberfan] must not be credible or I have bad info. Jill is a strong player, most consider her the strongest female in The Game. I think she warrants more than a "Jill who? thats a hint ;)" comment."
  • missyae (August 4, 8:42 p.m.): "No, all the older people do not get picked off too early. I really think people are going to enjoy not only the winner but probably the whole final 5 or 6 players."
Probst chats with ET Online between S21 and S22 filming
Added: August 2, 2010 | Source: ET Online

We'd avoided adding this, since it doesn't contain much new info, although it does confirm missyae's report that the Survivor: Nicaragua challenges are less physically demanding than (early) challenges in recent seasons. Although we do find it hard to believe the challenge crew managed to come up with a less physically taxing game than bocce ball. Anyway, from the timing it appears Jeff Probst talked with ET Online shortly after S21 filming ended, and before S22 filming starts (next week). Full article here, excerpts below:

"ET: What can you tell me about the new season?
Jeff Probst: Early in casting, we decided we had a lot of good older people. And older people on Survivor means over 40, so bear that in mind. So Mark [Burnett] decided he wanted to do old vs. young, which is risky for us to do because one tribe could dominate the other and it would be over soon. Surprisingly, it was a very interesting experience early on. We have a great, fun cast....

ET: Did you keep the same challenges?
Jeff Probst: No. We adapted the challenges. You don't want to do big, strong physical, knock-down, drag-out challenges when it is old vs. young. We built challenges that would be as fair for a 68-year-old guy as they would for an 18-year-old woman.

ET: So are we going to have some good villains this season?
Jeff Probst: ...I can't predict anymore. But there are some memorable characters."

CBS uses QR code to release movie of Probst at tribal council
Added: July 29, 2010

Among yesterday's Survivor: Nicaragua-related releases was another slightly-tricky CBS release of info on the show (again, advertising its new time). As Andy Dehnart of reality blurred tweeted yesterday, TV critics at CBS's TCA event were given cocktail napkins printed with two QR codes (one iPhone-specific, the other Droid-specific), and the words "Jeff Probst". The codes took your QR-decoding to phone to this movie.

Not much to it, apart from Probst using the voting urn and walking back to the seating area in the Survivor: Nicaragua tribal council set. But at least it looks nice. (Click pictures to enlarge, use arrow keys to navigate between the enlarged pics, etc.)

It begins...
Added: July 28, 2010
Not content with simply facilitating the spoiling of the cast, Sucks poster missyae has also been posting gameplay spoilers along the way, as well. We've attempted to compile a list of them below. See also the Survivometer21 page, once CBS officially releases cast info. Skip on past if you don't want to know.

missyae spoilers at Sucks:
  • July 28, 2010, 5:47 pm: "I think these players will be memorable for 1 reason or another: Kelly Bruno; Shannon Elkins; Holly Huffman [sic.]; Danny Lembo; Naonka Mixon; Kelly Shinn; Jill Behm; Chase Rice; Sash O Frash; Fabio; Brenda Lowe"
  • July 28, 2010, 12:32 pm: "Elisabeth - going by what you just posted - you will enjoy this season. [In response to a poster complaining about preferring to see more young people]."
  • July 27, 2010, 6:41 pm: "There are a couple of people who do go on immunity runs. There was lots of rain. I described Holly as a loose cannon, how about a ticking bomb? ... If the challenges had been more physical it would have actually favored the older tribe, but they werent."
  • July 27, 2010, 1:23 am: "A few things bout 21 that don\'t tell you any boot order - No Exile Island. One tribal shake-up pretty early. Clues to the hidden immunity idol were found on day 1, I think by a water well but finding the idol itself, lots harder this time around. Two girls have the first clue to where it is. One double boot."
  • July 25, 11:11 pm: "These are my little comments about the players: Alina - very strong worker and competitive; Kelly B - strong worker and competitor and very smart; Brenda - Strong worker and competitor; Na'onka - lazy at camp but likes to compete; Kelly S - Lazy, wants to quit, useless at camp; Chase - strong competitor, soft and quiet; Ben - Likes to compete, great around camp; Shannon - Strong competitor, comical, straight forward; Judson 'Fabio' - not very strong but hilarious at camp; 'Sash O' Frash' - Weak, useless at camp; Marty - good competitor, good at camp, loves to dig
    Jimmy J - unexpected fisherman, nice guy; Jimmy T - Too competitive for older tribe; Danny - Weak competitor but loves Playboy bunnies!; Tyronne [sic.] - Strong competitor, socially weak; Jane - Great competitor and worker; Holly - Good competitor, weak minded, loose cannon, tick.tick.tick.; Jill - Great competitor and strongest female; Yve - Dynamite comes in small packages!; Wendy Jo - Still getting the hang of planet Earth
  • July 25, 2010, 12:08 am: "Chase Rice is on the LaFlor tribe and I think he works for Hendrick Racing. He fell hard for a girl out there which would make me not use the word dominant to describe him... When you see Dr. Jill on the show you might think she adheres to 'blondes really DONT have more fun.'"
  • July 20, 2010, 11:32 pm: "As far as The Game itself, I am told there are no medivaccs, no Exile Island, 20 players, merge at 12, and the challenges were not very physical. The 40 and older team had the more physical players but the challenges did not favor that type of player. The strongest player on either team was on the 30 and under tribe. He is 30 years old. Think James Clement, but white and stronger."
  • July 19, 2010, 9:47 pm: "The rumor about Holly Hoffman is true, she is there. The rumor about Ex-Dallas Cowboys football coach Jimmy Johnson is true, he was on the 40 and over tribe but did not last long at all. Look for a merge at 12."
CBS reveals twist, quasi-reveals Survivor: Nicaragua cast
Added: July 28, 2010

After being scooped by SurvivorSucks, CBS today issued a press release confirming that Survivor: Nicaragua will indeed feature an "old vs. young" tribe breakdown (at least initially). In addition, @CBSTweet send out this (mostly concealed) pre-game picture of the entire cast (for those scoring at home, taken 6/12, or two days before filming began; click the picture to enlarge):

SurvivorSucks spoils the entire Survivor: Nicaragua cast
Added: July 27, 2010

Three Survivor: Nicaragua contestants were already known (Holly Hoffman, originally spoiled by Sabina Sperber at Sucks, online casting call winner 'Jimmy T' Tarantino, and former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson, spoiled by jackbauer1982 and later confirmed by missyae at Sucks, then by the mainstream sports press). But over a roughly 24-hour period (Saturday 7/24-Sunday 7/25), posters at SurvivorSucks identified (and missyae confirmed) all but one of the remaining 17 contestants: original spoiler thread here, contestant-specific threads are in the S21+ forum (until they're moved in a few weeks). The last, Jane Bright of the Espada tribe, was positively indentified today. See our Survivometer21 page for a summary.

Also, as had previously been speculated by smokeitgood, missyae confirmed that the "twist" for the season is that the tribes are initially divided by age: The La Flor (yellow) tribe is composed of contestants of age 30 or under, while all members of the Espada (blue) tribe are over 40.

CBS officially unveils Survivor: Nicaragua tribe logos, names
Added: July 22, 2010
Mere days after SurvivorSucks poster FlickMeFive posted location photos of several challenges, including close-up shots of two Plinko-like game boards that revealed the tribe names and tribe colors, CBS gets around to "officially" announcing them.

CBS officially "revealed" the tribe names (La Flor and Espada), colors (blue and yellow) and logos (crossed swords, fleurs de lis) on twitter today, as follows:

@CBSTweet: "Una gran batalla entre una flor y una espada toma lugar en las playas de Nicaragua este Septiembre en CBS" (A great battle between a flower and a sword plays out on the beaches of Nicaragua, this September on CBS):
tribe logos
Survivor: Nicaragua preview - vidcap gallery
Added: May 20, 2010

Here are some vidcaps from the S21: Nicaragua preview that aired at the end of the Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains reunion show. In quasi-chronological order. See the full video here, on SPSurvivorVideo's YouTube channel. Click pictures to enlarge them. Once enlarged, use arrow keys to move through the gallery.