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Episode 5: "Turf Wars"
Filmed: June 25-27, 2010; Airs: Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Episode-specific spoilers - Follow links for detailed discussion; summaries below:
Overview | Reward Challenge | Immunity Challenge | Boot
No reward challenge, switch instead

The new EspadaThere will probably not be a reward challenge. But there will apparently be a shuffling of the tribes. Hope Probst can learn to say "Espada" and "La Flor" by then.

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Immunity Challenge: Water wheel spitting - ? wins

Precision spittingIn which one of the tribes may play the Medallion of Power, ensuring victory. Unless they suck, and still lose. Or don't play it. That oughta narrow down the possible outcomes.

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Boot: Tyrone? Yve? Jill?

SnuffedSomeone is leaving both the show and the title sequence. No, it's not Probst, at least not until he's done killing off the show in Survivor 22.

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