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Episode 14: "What About Me?" (Season finale)
Filmed: July 20-22, 2010; Airs: Sunday, December 19, 2010
Episode-specific spoilers - Follow links for detailed discussion; boot summary below:
Overview | Final 5 IC | Final 5 Boot | Final 4 IC | Final 4 Boot | Jury vote
Final tribal council and jury vote

Probst is everywhereSo this is it. Yet another final three (never again, please, SEG), facing a bloated 9-person jury. Which, if the fan favorite loses, will be called "bitter."


There have already (as of Ep1) been some alleged spoilers about the composition of the F3, such as blackwhale's claim that it's comprised entirely of original La Flors, and ooberfan's declaration that the final three are Sash, Jud and Chase. We have heard that those three are indeed the final three.


Below, we have the projected preferences of the jurors for each candidate. Keep in mind that our track record on these things has historically been fairly poor. But regardless of the vote totals, it seems the entire season has been about how Jud/Fabio wins. There's an outside chance Chase or Sash could pull it off, but it hard to see a way Jud doesn't win, which is entirely consistent with his Ep1 edit, which was essentially a carbon copy of Jenna Morasca's in Amazon. (She was the youngest female contestant that season). So here's your winner, America.

Why should I vote for?
Jurors Chase Jud Sash
Holly - Seemed to still like Chase post-game. - No obvious reason. - One of the few possible pro-Sash voters, if she gets the answer she wants.
Dan - He's a "scumbag." - Alliance-mate, even if Dan did vote against Jud. - He's a liar.
Jane - He crossed their Carolina alliance. Not good. - He made it to the end, despite being outside her alliance. - He booted his "second mom." Not good.
Benry - Didn't trust each other, opposing alliances. - Alliance mate. - Could've allied with him but didn't.
Kelly S - No obvious reason - They're the two youngest contestants. - Was sort of in an alliance with him.
NaOnka - She gave him her idol. - Hated each other from Day 1, for no apparent reason. - He was her #1 girl, she forgot he was a minority. Not looking good.
Brenda - "He's clueless!"
- "He's like... wah wah wah!"
- "He's clueless!" - Partner in crime. Until he voted against her and withheld "their" idol.
Marty - Did they even talk once? - He was Marty's chess-believing protege, after all.
- Tried to help vote out Jane.
- Sash fulfilled the letter of his idol bargain, if not the spirit.
- May respect his gameplay.
Alina - Tribemates throughout. - "I thought we got along, too." - No obvious reason.
Projected vote totals: Chase: 1+; Jud: 5+; Sash: ? - Jud wins.