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Episode 14: "What About Me?" (Season finale)
Filmed: July 20-22, 2010; Airs: Sunday, December 19, 2010
Episode-specific spoilers - Follow links for detailed discussion; boot summary below:
Overview | Final 5 IC | Final 5 Boot | Final 4 IC | Final 4 Boot | Jury vote
Final Five Immunity Challenge - Jud wins again

Here's where the strings come in. Someone will make it all the way to the finale (and day 37), only to fail to win immunity (and later to be unceremoniously dumped, a mere quarter of the way into the finale). Also, we've heard Jud goes on a late-game IC win streak, which should continue here (otherwise he'd be the boot, which he's not).


Earlier, we noted that CBS poorly attempted to hide Jud's necklace in the tribal council shots in the TV finale ads. In the finale ad's shot of the final five at tribal council, they did a halfway-decent (at least at video speed) job of hiding the immunity necklace around Jud's neck in the fully zoomed out shot (first one below), and in Jud's close-up. But the necklace hiding is far worse (and at times incomplete) as they zoomed out. Oops. But alas, update: As Oowatanite pointed out to us on twitter, this tribal council shot is from Ep13, right after Jane left, so it's meaningless in predicting anything for the finale. Nothing useful in the tribal march shot, either, but it's below, anyway.


Further update: CBS has started to slip in shots from the actual IC into their ads. It appears to be a largely puzzle-based course, with puzzle tables at one end, and bags hanging on poles at the other. Plus a big open space between them, to ensure Dan doesn't win. There appear to be at least three sets of poles holding bags, possibly as many as five.


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