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Episode 14: "What About Me?" (Season finale)
Filmed: July 20-22, 2010; Airs: Sunday, December 19, 2010
Episode-specific spoilers - Follow links for detailed discussion; boot summary below:
Overview | Final 5 IC | Final 5 Boot | Final 4 IC | Final 4 Boot | Jury vote
Final Four Boot: Holly

Probst has it out for WednesdaySomeone has to starve for 38 days, only to be the final boot and last juror. Who could it be?


As was spoiled by missyae at Sucks a while back, that person is Holly. We expect that, outraged that the person they want to reach the finals just missed again, SEG will change the rules so future Survivor juries will now get to vote on the final four. Or possibly the final 17, because of Jimmy Johnson.