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Episode 12: "Not Sure Where I Stand"
Filmed: July 12-16?, 2010; Airs: Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Episode-specific spoilers - Follow links for detailed discussion; RC summary below:
Overview | Reward Challenge | Immunity Challenge | Boot
Reward Challenge - Mud challenge? - Holly/Jane/Chase wins, takes the other two?

From the Ep12 web promo, there is a mud challenge and Rope-A-Dope in this episode, and we're not entirely sure which is for immunity, and which for reward. Despite the promo hinting that the mud challenge is for immunity (see the text on the vidcaps below), we're going with the shot of mud-covered Sash, Dan, Benry and Jud indicating they're the unlucky people not partaking in reward, making this challenge the RC.


The participants in the mud challenge, from left to right, are: Chase (green), Jud (red), Dan (blue), Jane (orange), Sash (turquoise), Benry (some color obscured by the structure), and Holly (yellow). The web promo seems to hint that Jane might win here (even though it says "win immunity" and not "win reward"), but that seems possible... she appears to take part in the reward, either way.


Who wins? There's a shot of the four guys not named Chase (i.e. Jud, Sash, Benry, Dan) walking on the beach, which should be after losing this challenge. There's also a shot of a relaxed-looking Jane mixed in with the headshots of her alliance, which might be from the reward itself. And there's a shot of cleaned-up Holly and Jane conferring, both wearing their canteens (returning to camp from reward?). So we'll guess one of Holly/Jane/Chase wins reward, and takes the other two.


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