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Episode 12: "Not Sure Where I Stand"
Filmed: July 12-16?, 2010; Airs: Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Episode-specific spoilers - Follow links for detailed discussion; RC summary below:
Overview | Reward Challenge | Immunity Challenge | Boot
Episode 12 synopsis

CBS press release: "A castaway is left questioning alliances after a broken promise leaves them out in the cold."

Reward Challenge - Mud challenge? - Holly/Jane/Chase wins, takes the other two?

Mud challenge = RC?Through a strange confluence of events (probably quitting in Ep11), there's an individual RC in this episode. Rare, even if the challenge itself isn't.

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Immunity Challenge: Rope-A-Dope? - Jud wins?

Rope-A-Dope = IC?In which Survivor introduces a series of twists. Before you start thinking that might be interesting, we should probably tell you it's just rope wrapped around a 2x4.

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Boot: Benry

As long as it ain't meSomeone is leaving the show and is headed to the jury. Sadly, Probst will still be there, though. There is just no escaping that man.

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