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Episode 12: "Not Sure Where I Stand"
Filmed: July 12-16?, 2010; Airs: Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Episode-specific spoilers - Follow links for detailed discussion; RC summary below:
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Immunity Challenge: Rope-A-Dope? - Jud wins?

From the Ep12 web promo, it appears the ropes course shown in the recap is from this episode, although it's unclear whether it's the first (and possibly only) individual reward challenge of Survivor: Nicaragua, or just an immunity challenge. Either way, this challenge is "Rope-a-Dope" (bringing your tether along a rope twisted around a barrier), last seen as the Ep6 IC in Heroes vs. Villains. Because its last use was for immunity, and because we see four muddy guys returning to camp in another shot, we'll reverse our previous guess (and ignore the "win immunity" text over the mud challenge in the web promo) and go with Rope-A-Dope for immunity.


As for Rope-A-Dope, the web promo shows the participants, from left to right, are: Sash (purple), Jud (white), Benry (turquoise), Jane (yellow), Dan (blue), Chase (red) and Holly (orangish-yellow). Only a couple of shots available during the challenge, which aren't much help.


Still, who wins? Since we've heard Jud goes on a late-game IC run, this would be a good place to start. Although the web promo seems to hint that Jane might (she's shown with "win immunity"), but if this challenge is the IC, that seems unlikely, since it greatly favors overall agility, as did the Three Little Pigs challenge, in which Jane fared almost as poorly as Dan. We'd go with Fabio wins for this challenge.


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