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Episode 1: "Young at Heart"
Filmed: June 14-16, 2010; Airs: Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Episode-specific spoilers - Follow links for more discussion, or read summaries below:
Overview | Reward Challenge | Immunity Challenge | Boot
Episode 1 synopsis
CBS press release: "A powerful new game-changing element is introduced into the competition and stands to give one tribe the upper hand before the game is even underway, on the season premiere of Survivor: Nicaragua.
   Survivor Returns to the Night That Launched the Series When Survivor: Nicaragua, Hosted by Emmy Award-Winner Jeff Probst, Moves to Wednesday Nights.

   "Young at Heart" - The castaways are shocked to learn that they'll be divided into tribes of older players versus younger players. The older tribe is especially surprised to learn that they'll be teamed with former NFL Coach Jimmy Johnson. Meanwhile, one castaway reveals a personal secret that could affect the entire tribe as they head into their first challenge."

Arrival/ Reward Challenge - "Medallion of Power" given away (twice)

First RCIt's not enough to have 20 contestants, a final three, hidden idols and age-restricted tribes. SEG also felt the game needed to be further disfigured by adding some godawful contrived twist called the "Medallion of Power." missyae at Sucks says the first challenge involves getting said medallion. A bunch of stuff happens, then Espada gets the medallion. Yay.

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Immunity Challenge: Pouring + puzzles = least physical first IC, ever - La Flor wins

First ICIf there's one thing you can depend on, it's that SEG will go out of its way to ensure Jimmy Johnson lasts beyond Episode 1. Or so they hope. Does he?

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Boot: Wendy Jo

Probst has it out for WednesdaySomeone is leaving both the show and the title sequence. No, it's not Probst, at least not until he's done killing off the show in Survivor 22.

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