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Oh dear, it's the True Dork Times'...
(A largely irrelevant compendium of Survivor: Tocantins contestant information)
Episode 13
(Season finale)
Chances of survival
Reasons for survival.
Reasons for boot.
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The contestants Prospects for survival
J.T. Thomas
Ep13: Safe | Overall: Winner?
- Probst endorsed 'star'
- Shown in F4 challenge
- Yul beat Ozzy
stephen fishbach
Ep13: Final two | Overall: Second place?
- Probst endorsed 'star'
- Final two.
erinn lobdell
Ep13: F4 boot? | Overall: Third place?
- Probst endorsed 'star'
- Candace dislikes her
- Mypoody2: Merge buff
- No discernible allies
taj johnson-george
Ep13: F3 boot? | Overall: Fourth place?
- Probst endorsed 'star'
- Shown in F4 challenge

But we were part of the greatest alliance in Survivor history! (jurors)
ben wade
Ep12: Toast? | Overall: 5th juror, 3-2
- LeoLady: Gaunt, using cane upon return.
- Smokeitgood: Photo (!)
- Lassen News: lost 45 lbs.
- Probst wants another All-Stars for him (didn't win?)
- lemurwrench: 5th place (?)
debbie beebee
Ep11: Toast? | Overall: 4th juror, 4-1-1
- Probst endorsed 'star'
- Candace dislikes her
- tabbott21: lasted 37 days, husband left for family visit?
sierra reed
Ep10: At risk? | Overall: 3rd juror, 4-2-1
- Probst endorsed 'star'
- Candace dislikes her
- No discernible allies
tyson apostol
Ep9: Toast? | Overall: 2nd juror, 5-3
- Probst endorsed 'star'
- SPhoenix: merge buff
- Targeting himself by winning ICs
brendan synnott
Ep8: At risk? | Overall: 1st juror, 4-3-2
- Probst endorsed 'star' -

The screwed, the loud, the ex-Tocantins (non-jury division)
joe dowdle
Ep7: Toast? | Overall: Evacuated, last non-juror
- - No Probst endorsement
- Carolina "loves" him
sydney wheeler
Ep6: Toast? | Overall: 6th boot, 3-2
- - Probst 'hopes' not out soon
- Jacare15 - Carolina love
spencer duhm
Ep5: Unclear | Overall: 5th boot, 5-1
- Probst endorsed 'star'
- Carolina not too positive
- AFAN: post-return shot not dramatically thinner
sandy burgin
Ep4: Unclear | Overall: 4th boot, 5-1-1
- Probst endorsed 'star' - Carolina loves her to death
jerry sims
Ep3: Trouble? | Overall: 3rd boot, 6-1
- - No Probst endorsement
- Candace "loves" him
candace smith
Ep2: At risk? | Overall: 2nd boot, 7-1
- - No Probst endorsement
carolina eastwood
Ep1: Unclear | Overall: 1st boot, 7-1
- - Probst swears she's not first out.