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True Dork Times Survivor 19: Samoa spoilers
Episode 4: "Hungry For a Win" Filmed: June 19-21, 2009
Airdate: October 8, 2009
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Survivor: Samoa episode 4 detailed reward challenge spoilers/ speculation
  From the PIP promo, it's clear there are two challenges this week, and this is the reward challenge. The footage in the web promo appeared to largely be from one challenge, which is for immunity. But there was one stray shot of Russell, Mick and Natalie, where Mick appears to be tossing small coconuts. There was an off chance Russell S. could have been visiting Foa Foa camp, based on the black-and-white image in the web promo. But the PIP promo shows this in color, and Mick & Natalie have yellow balls, while Russell has a purple one. Also, Russell H. and Erik both appear to be taking turns at it themselves. Combined, this must be a challenge.
   As for the challenge itself, this looks like it might be similar to the tile-smashing "Rock Block" challenge from Tocantins. Erik & Russell S. are seen competing for Galu; Mick, Russell H. and Natalie for Foa Foa (we'd imagine others do, as well).
    As MayanSun notes at Sucks, after posting the press release, the reward appears to be one or more live chickens. The press release headline starts: "When a prize flies the coop," and MayanSun notes that in the shot at the end of the post-Ep3 preview of Ep4, where Erik is clotheslined by a vine while running around camp (in the preview's context, he appears to be inexplicably racing around in the search for a hidden idol), he's actually chasing a white chicken. Upon further review, that is indeed the case (in the shot below, the chicken has flown up and is visible in front of the tree to Erik's right).

   Update: Just under the wire, CBS releases a "behind-the-scenes" video of this week's RC (thanks to SurvivorPhoenix for putting it on YouTube). In it, John Kirohoffer reveals it's the "Do It Yourself" challenge previously revealed in TV Guide (and listed on the future challenges page). Kirhoffer says "We've sent... treemail to each chief to choose two people to send on a special mission." Apparently Mick picks Natalie and Russell H., while Russell S. chooses Erik and one other person. They get sent to the challenge beach, where there's a box with the colored balls in it. They place a flag in the sand, mark a line at 10 paces from the flag, and alernate trying to throw their balls as close to the flag as possible. Winner gets three egg-laying chickens.

Reward challenge vidcaps: click to view larger picture
Not sure what this is. Wii bowling?
Same challenge, now in color!
russell, rc?
Russell and Erik take their shots
erik felled
Let the chicken soar!

   So Galu wins (again), this time: chickens. And they win at bocce on the beach, in a box.
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