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True Dork Times Survivor 19: Samoa spoilers
Episode 4: "Hungry For a Win" Filmed: June 19-21, 2009
Airdate: October 8, 2009
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Survivor: Samoa episode 4 detailed immunity challenge spoilers/ speculation
  As mentioned on the RC page, it's clear there's a separate IC this week, and no combined RC/IC. Galu's pre-challenge lineup features the immunity idol, and Foa Foa is clearly standing in front of the nets. So the net challenge appears to be for immunity.

   The challenge appears to be run as follows: Both tribes have to collect square blocks, then transfer these across a criss-crossing course, on which the running surface is nets (for added difficulty). At some point, there's also a rope bridge (on which Mick, Ashley, Jaison and Russell H. are all shown), but nobody's carrying blocks there, so it's not clear where it fits in. Possibly after the next stage, in which the blocks are stacked to form huge towers.
   Galu chooses to sit out Dave, Shambo, Russell S. and someone else (BJ at MeSS sees Monica in the challenge, so it must be Laura) here.

Update: CBS also released a behind-the-scenes video for this challenge, and it's called "Well Stacked". Amusingly, it's still not remotely clear where the rope bridge fits into this challenge, since the video shows the dreamteamers starting, running across the nets, waiting for everyone to arrive on the mats, then starting to stack the blocks. Once the stack is complete, and the tribe is back on their mat, they win.

Immunity challenge vidcaps: click to view larger picture
Galu, pre-IC
CBS admits there is a tribe called "Galu" on S19
Foa Foa, pre-IC
Foa Foa: better living through chemistry
mick on the rope bridge
Mick on the rope bridge
ashley, rope bridge
Just hanging out...
jaison, rope bridge
Third Foa Foa on the bridge
jaison, rope bridge
The old negative treatment
russell h, rope bridge
Fourth Foa Foa on the bridge
retrieving blocks
The net course, with people running
retrieving blocks
Collecting blocks
probst, ic
John, Liz
probst, ic
I'm yelling, and I don't know why!
hoisting kelly
Galu lifts Kelly, Probst visible behind them
stacking blocks
Assembling blocks
retrieving blocks
Final touches?

   So who wins? From all the clues, we'd have to guess Foa Foa finally pulls out a win here. But we do have Probst in the web promo saying "we are very close," and the stacks don't look dramatically different. In doubt here, we'll have to pick Foa Foa.
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