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True Dork Times Survivor 19: Samoa spoilers
Episode 14: "This Game Ain't Over" (Season finale) Filmed: July 16-19, 2009
Airdate: Sun., Dec. 20, 2009
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Survivor: Samoa episode 14 detailed jury spoilers/ speculation
  As has been spoiled by SurvivorsUnite and missyae, the final three appear to be Natalie, Russell H. and Mick. We have also heard that Brett and Jaison are fourth and fifth, respectively.
   So let us now henceforth commence filling out this page with our worthless guesses as to jury voting preferences*. Updated as the show airs.

*Legal disclaimer: Keep in mind that our track record on these things is probably worse than picking by chance. Use at your own risk.

  Why should I vote for...
Voter: natalie

Brett - Appreciates her powers of silent invisibility?
- She killed the rat, he skinned it.
- If he doesn't vote for his fellow prayer warrior, then what?
- No obvious reason. - No obvious reason.
Jaison - No obvious reason. - Well, Russell did show him that first idol.
- "I'm really starting to love that guy."
- Has the most in common with Mick. Both are incapable of doing anything strategically to improve their positions.
Shambo - We're guessing she wasn't calling Natalie "little bitch" as a term of endearment. - He is the wind beneath her dead chickens' wings.
- Does she even talk to any of the other Foa Foas?
- No obvious reason.

- Natalie did save her (temporarily) with the Erik boot.
- "I think Brett or Natalie."

- Specifically told him that she would vote against him. - Completely failed to follow through on his own anti-Russell thoughts, even with Monica's goading.
Dave - Well, she is pretty. - Most of his tribal council "wow"s were at Russell-related antics. - "Those guys [Mick and Jaison] were not playing to win."
John - No obvious reason. - Thought he had a final two deal with Russell. Shares Russell's smug self-importance. - They're both professionals in the greater L.A. area.
Laura - Bonded over faith, spiritual books, booting Erik.
- Laura: "I want the person whose name I write down to be a good person."
- Not a chance. - No obvious reason.
erik (with a K, SEG!) - Some minor bonding on Erik boot discussion. - Seems unlikely, since she called him a "sneaky little rat" post-boot. - No obvious reason.
erik (with a K, SEG!)
- She engineered his boot, but it's unclear whether he knew that at the time. - Seems unlikely (as of his boot episode). - Respect for former opponents' tribe leader?
- Appear to be friends post-game.
Projected totals: Natalie - 5?, Mick - 3?, Russell - 1?
Projected winner: Natalie

   So who wins? We'll go with Natalie, as we have thought since circa Episode 7. (Technically, we could claim we "predicted" this in August, but that would be silly, wouldn't it?). Primarily, we can't see the Survivor editing crew letting Russell call her "the even dumber, long-haired blonde" in all the hoopla around Ep1, and not giving her any chance to answer back at the time, unless she beats Russell at the end. Mick could theoretically beat both of them, but that seems unlikely.

   Update: survivrcuz at Sucks made the following claim in November: "all i know... is that natalie and russhole are f2 and russell gets no votes, so hes frustrated , because he thinks everyone should have respected his game and make him the winner, but their all mad.. once they get to ponderosa one after the other and compare stories they become the friends that they couldnt be while playing the game and gang up on russhole." Also, SurvivorsUnite corroborates the no votes for Russell part.
   And apparently we can also count on one Jeff Probst for confirmation, as he said: "He could easily make it to finals, but can he get the jury vote? It's either a slam dunk or a shutout."
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