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TDT Survivor 12: Panama - Exile Island Spoilers
Filmed: Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, 2005
Airdate: February 2, 2006
Episode at-a-glance: RC | Exile | IC | Boot | Vidcaps
Spoilers - Click to jump to: Pre-show; Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
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Vidcaps: Click to view
boats at exile island
Early Show preview (2/2)
courtney confessional
CBS Ep1 web promo #2 (1/27)
5-on-5 glass bottom boats?TVGuide Channel post-Ep1 challenges (1/22)
young girls are in big trouble
CBS 20-sec TV ad (1/26)
Gallery of all Pre-show and Episode 1 vidcaps: Click here


Survivor: Panama - Exile Island cast reveal: vidcaps & transcript
Aired January 9, 2006 on the Early Show | Click a thumbnail to view full-size image
Thanks to VolcanicGlass for the vidcaps
1st challenge? 1st challenge? 1st challenge? older women older women
(Coming up segment: Challenge; Sarie, Melinda)
bruce bruce terry aras aras chops
(Coming up segment: Bruce; Terry (?); Aras)
aras chops danielle danielle shane courtney
(Coming up segment: Aras; Danielle; Shane; Courtney)
courtney bruce bruce younger women cast
(Coming up segment: Courtney; Bruce; Danielle). Cast shot...
cast 1st challenge? 1st challenge? 1st challenge? older men
Harry Smith: "In just about three weeks, you'll visit the tropical islands off the coast of Panama. And meet the 16 new castaways who will battle each other and Mother Nature for the million-dollar Survivor prize. Among the season's new twists: Exile Island, a small, desolate outpost, where at least one castaway will be banished each week, to fend for themselves for an undetermined period of time. Also, for the first time in Survivor history, the contestants will begin the competition..."
ruth marie, melinda older women younger men younger women shane, terry
Harry Smith: "...split into four tribes of four members each, divided along both age and gender lines."
dan, shane bruce karate bruce bruce, shelter bruce on the beach
Harry Smith: "Let's start with the 'mature' men. Say hello to Bruce Kanegai, a karate instructor from Simi Valley, California.
Bruce: (Pre-game karate routine) "Ha!"
Harry Smith: "At age 58, he's the show's oldest participant."
pointy bruce bruce speaks shane shane, terry terry wipes
Bruce (pre-game): "My approach as a strategist: I want to be the.. Mr. Miyagi... of Survivor."
Harry Smith: "Shane Powers, 35, is a marketing executive from Los Angeles. Terry Deitz, from Simsbury, Connecticut, is a former fighter pilot. He's 46."
more terry dan chops old guys lose? dan speaks pre-challenge
Harry Smith: "And 52-year-old Dan Barry is a retired astronaut from South Hadley, Massachusetts."
Dan (pre-game): "I've had the opportunity to fly on three Space Shuttle missions, two to the International Space Station. And along the way, do four space walks."
cirie, pre-challenge moving cirie cirie speaks ruth marie ruth marie again
Harry Smith: "Representing the women are: Cirie Fields, a registered nurse from Walterboro, South Carolina. She's 35."
Cirie (pre-game): "I want to be like, the hot mama, I want to be the hot nurse, I want to be the hot cook. I just want to be hot, really."
Harry Smith: "Also representing the state of South Carolina is 48-year-old shopping center developer Ruth Marie Milliman."
ruth marie chops swimming tina tina cirie, tina old ladies' home
Harry Smith: "She's from Greenville. 45-year-old Tina Scheer is a logging sports performer from Hayward, Wisconsin. She's a lumberjack [and she's okay] who likes to call herself a 'lumberjill'."
tina speaks melinda austin young men pre-challenge
Tina (pre-game): "I'm a female in a male-dominated business. And I've had, I've had to struggle, a lot."
Harry Smith: "And Melinda Hyder, age 32, is a professional singer from Sevierville, Tennessee. Now for Team Younger Men. Meet Austin Carty - he's a 24-year-old author from High Point, North Carolina."
nick's feet nick nick is bored pre-game aras aras, challenge 1?
Harry Smith: "Nick Stanbury is a financial salesman from Tempe, Arizona. He's 25. 24-year-old Aras Baskauskas, from Santa Monica, California..."
aras, challenge 1? yoga boy bobby bobby speaks young women
Harry Smith: "...earns his living as yoga instructor. And at age 32, Bobby Mason is a Los Angeles attorney."
Bobby (pre-game): "I'm not like some pretty-boy, soft, mushy, sensitive, caring, considerate dude. I was like, basically, I'm a modern-day caveman." [growls]
danielle sally misty courtney young women
Harry Smith: "And finally, here are the younger women. Danielle DiLorenzo is 24, and a medical sales rep in Pompano Beach, Florida. Sally Schumann is a social worker in Chicago. She's 27. 24-year-old Misty Giles is an engineer from Dallas Texas. And watch out for 31-year-old Courtney Marit. Or you might get burned."
pre-game courtney pre-game courtney courtney speaks
Harry Smith: "She's a fire dancer in Los Angeles."
Courtney (pre-game): "When America sees me, they may wonder what's up with my hair. But uh, they're just dreadlocks. It is clean, by the way." [Laughs].
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