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TDT Survivor 12: Panama - Exile Island Spoilers
Filmed: November 18-20, 2005
Airdate: April 6, 2006
Episode at-a-glance: RC | Exile | IC | Boot | Vidcaps | Ep7 recap
Spoilers - Click to jump to: Pre-show; Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
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Survivor: Panama - Exile Island Episode 8: media gallery
Click a thumbnail or link to view vidcaps & transcripts
Click here to watch the CBS web promo: Real | Quicktime
dead man sitting
Post-Ep7 preview of Episode 8:
vidcaps & transcript
Aired 3/30/06
sally, ic?
CBS site Episode 8 web promo: vidcaps & transcript
Uploaded 3/31/06
panama canal
Recap episode future rewards, challenges: vidcaps & analysis
Aired 3/15/06
terry, ic?
5-second TV ad:
vidcaps & transcript
Aired 4/1/06
shane, danielle - ic?
20-second TV ad:
vidcaps & transcript
Aired 4/1/06
water hazard - rc?
Episode 8 Picture-in-picture TV ad: vidcaps & transcript
Aired 4/1/06
end of rc?
10-second TV ad:
vidcaps & transcript
Aired 4/2/06
sally hugs aras
Full 30-second TV ad:
vidcaps & transcript
Aired 4/2/06
Ep8 Picture-in-picture TV ad : vidcaps & transcript
Aired 4/2/06
Episode descriptions, previews
"- Terry decides it's time to reveal the Idol to some castaways. How will the power of the Idol affect the game?
- When two tribe members are sent to Exile Island, an unexpected bond forms. Will this newfound friendship affect their alliance and change the course of the game?
- Determined to expand their alliance, the La Mina group pressures several Casayas. Can they secretly break up the Casaya six?
- At the Reward Challenge, one Survivor demonstrates clever leadership skills, and forges a win with a weaker group."
TV Guide Online:
"Two tribe members are sent to Exile Island and they form an unexpected bond. Castaways from the original La Mina team try to break up the Casaya alliance. At tribal council, the eighth person is voted off of the islands. Jeff Probst is the host."
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