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TDT Survivor 12: Panama - Exile Island Spoilers
Filmed: November 14, 2005
Airdate: March 9, 2006
Episode at-a-glance: RC | Exile | IC | Boot | Vidcaps | Ep5 recap
Spoilers - Click to jump to: Pre-show; Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
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Vidcaps: Click to view
ooh! pick me for the boot! please?Ep6 web promo (3/3)
probst, stuff at IC?Post-Ep5 preview (3/2)
Gallery of all Episode 6 vidcaps: Click here


Reward challenge: No RC? Combined RC/IC?
Our guess (see IC discussion below) is that there is a combined Reward/Immunity challenge this week, so no separate RC as such. Of course, our ability to predict these things seems little better than chance. We recommend you read our Crappy recaps, instead. Hmm, on second thought, despite having (allegedly) watched the show, those bear even less resemblance to what aired than what you see here. Never mind.
Exile: Sally?
austin fishes for newtsAs we originally pointed out at MeSS, Austin's fish-gulping expedition looks like it might be on Exile Island (that's really all we have to go on here). As for the alleged benefit of exile this week, we'd have to guess this person will be immune from the boot, either at tribal council, or by virtue of exile (as with Bruce in Ep2). And they get food of some kind. All presumably bestowed by Casaya.

But after seeing the wise comments of cooler heads (emydi at Blows; SurvivorPotato at MeSS), we now think Sally is more likely to get the benefits, at least if Casaya has a say in it. She'd probably be the first choice for protection of Danielle and Courtney, and probably even Cirie, who make up half the tribe. And she's the one shown reacting to something: while it's almost certainly the pre-challenge Probst reveal of the reward, it could be included for symbolic purposes. So yeah, Salvation, Sally, salivation, food... you get the idea.
Immunity challenge: Race/puzzle - Casaya wins
We were told a couple of weeks ago by a thus-far reliable source (although that could change quickly) that there would be an early merge in Episode 6. In the post-Ep5 preview, Probst seems to be revealing something at a challenge (to the delight of Sally), while the tribal immunity idol is behind him. A reward of some kind? New buffs? Hard to say, but there are at least two things on the table.

As for the merge, if it does happen in this episode, it can't be here, because the challenge is still (from the web promo) clearly tribal. The web promo also says the winning tribe gets to "mess with the losers." And the CBS press release says: "One tribe learns that having an alliance doesn't always guarantee one's safety when a twist in the game leaves the losing tribe with a big decision and the fate of one castaway left in the hands of another tribe mate." All the remaining Casayas are predicted to make the jury, so Casaya must win. So all the choices seem to be in La Mina's court. What those are, your guess is as good as ours.
Immunity Challenge vidcaps - Click thumbnail to view larger image
challenge layout challenge layout probst, stuff at IC?
probst, idol sally-vation! shane, casaya - ic
collision ahead nick, ic - thx, kitteebudd aras, ic
MeSS austin, ic danielle - losers

BOOT: Dan?
Along with the merge in Ep6 story (and the two prior boots), we were told that Dan would be this week's boot. That doesn't on the surface, make a lot of sense in a merged tribe situation (then again, neither did Casaya's voting in Ep5). So we'll guess that, if there is a merge, it happens after this week's vote.

Sally would seem like Terry's obvious boot of choice here. Meaning Sally will have, again, to try to convince Austin and Nick to keep her, instead targeting either Dan or Terry. That raises the possibility that, with a merge looming, Terry might be forced to use his hidden idol. Or possibly hand it over to his alliance-mate, Dan. That could be one of the big, fate-determining decisions here.

Alternatively, all the CBS hype for the tribal council strongly suggests Terry has to finally use the hidden idol this week. Besides, if he doesn't now, he'll have individual immunity for the rest of the show (until the finale), so nobody will be able to complain about how it changed the show too much, as Probst claimed. For what it's worth, we've also been told that Terry does use the idol at some point soon. Since we're pretty sure Austin and Sally both make the jury, the only potential victim there is Nick. Unless Terry thinks Dan is likely to betray him (payback for Ruth Marie?).

Caveat emptor: We have also been told by multiple sources that Dan lost a lot of weight, saw a family member, and returned with a beard. Clearly, the tips placing him as a pre-jury boot and a member of the jury can't both be right. We flipped a coin, and we'll say he goes here. After all, the editing seems to suggest he does. And the editing never lies, does it?

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