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TDT Survivor 12: Panama - Exile Island Spoilers
Filmed: November 8-11?, 2005
Airdate: February 23, 2006
Episode at-a-glance: RC | Exile | IC | Boot | Vidcaps | Ep3 recap
Spoilers - Click to jump to: Pre-show; Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
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Vidcaps: Click to view
nick, ruth marie - rc?
20-sec TV ad (2/18)
courtney prepares to dive
Ep4 PIP TV ad (2/18)
casaya looking happy
5-sec TV ad (2/18)
Gallery of all Episode 4 vidcaps: Click here


Reward challenge: Outhouse building? - Casaya wins food?
As Wickchix posted at Sucks before the show started, one tribe starved for 10 days, one for 12. So we'd guess that this week, one of the tribes will win a food reward, since both seem fairly incompetent at actual foraging. We've been told that Dan's tribe is the one that starves for 12 days. So Casaya must win the RC.

Also, in the post-Ep3 preview, Danielle is shown in camp with a shovel (below, bottom row), which as far as we know, Casaya didn't have prior to this episode. So presumably a shovel is part of the reward. As far as actual challenge caps go, not much to work with. Two are featured in the web promo, one appears to be on dry land, the other in the water. There's an unhappy reaction shot from Dan and a (jubilant?) shot of Aras splashing Bobby, both with similar backgrounds. Those could be the challenge. If La Mina is as starving as they claim, Dan's reaction would fit well with a loss here, especially if food is involved.

As for what the challenge might be, we like ts2's suggestion at MeSS (based on the CBS clue "The excitement over winning a Reward Challenge immediately causes a stir within one tribe, as a tribemate contaminates a prized possession") : Building a latrine. As aka Ives points out at MeSS, a structure appears to be visible in Casaya's camp behind Shane, and it would explain the presence of a shovel in camp. And we note that Ep4 is exactly where this RC occured in Palau. And since every other challenge appears to be stolen from Palau, seems like a good fit.
Reward Challenge vidcaps - Click thumbnail to view larger image
aras, bobby, land challenge ruth marie, challenge dan
Post-RC Casaya vidcaps? - Click thumbnail to view larger image
angry danielle shane, outhouse?  

Exile: Terry finds the idol?
If Casaya gets to choose, Terry would be an obvious target here. Dan or Terry would seem like a logical candidate for someone who could thrive alone on the island.

Also, the web promo claims "Something happens on Exile Island that changes the game forever." We can only think of two things there. (1) Someone dies. But that doesn't really fit the CBS claim of "thriving," now, does it? So it's more likely (2) someone finds the hidden immunity idol. Wickchix claimed that "the pilot finds it" (at some point). Sounds like a reasonably good match here.

Immunity challenge: Tiles in the water - Casaya wins?
Lots of diving shots. No guarantee that this is the IC, of course.. The web promo implies this is the closest challenge finish ever, and you'd think they'd only build that up if it were an IC, because a close RC loss doesn't mean all that much. The challenge itself appears to involve (from the shots of Danielle and Aras) recovering large, tile-like objects. Danielle is hoisting hers onto the dock, for what that's worth.

As for who wins, assuming the Exile Island excitement is the finding of the idol, you'd think the same tribe that loses the RC (and sends someone to Exile Island) would probably lose the IC as well, for that "drama" to be an issue. Although technically the "mystery" of whether Misty found the idol or not ought to have been played up last week as well. But anyway, we'll go with a narrow Casaya win here.
Immunity Challenge vidcaps - Click thumbnail to view larger image
casaya looking happy probst starts the challenge austin dives
courtney dives bruce dives bruce keeps diving
aras in the water danielle with tile terry swimming
courtney prepares to dive courtney prepares to dive sally prepares to dive

BOOT: Ruth Marie?
Not much to go on here. But Ruth Marie seems like the obvious pick. Probst spoke pre-game about her having problems if she starved for a while ("That's what worried me about her going into it is: if they don't find a way to eat will she be able to keep her stamina up"), and that seems to be in effect in this episode. She was the alternate boot for her tribe in the previous episode, and there's nothing to suggest that would change this week. We think Dan makes it through this episode, but we were wrong about him last week, and could easily be wrong again this week.

The main option on the other tribe would appear to be Bobby, the only Casaya person we see going pre-jury. But he's been a major asset in the challenges, so we're not sure why he'd be booted now, instead of Cirie, Shane or Courtney. So Ruth Marie seems a more likely Ep4 bootee.

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