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TDT Survivor 12: Panama - Exile Island Spoilers
Filmed: November 3-5, 2005
Airdate: February 9, 2006
Episode at-a-glance: RC | Exile | IC | Boot | Vidcaps
Spoilers - Click to jump to: Pre-show; Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
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Vidcaps: Click to view
ep2 ic - terryEp2 30-sec TV ad (2/5)
ep2 rc - casaya getting snakesEp2 10-sec TV ad (2/4)
ep2 rc startEp2 20-sec TV ad (2/4)
Gallery of all Pre-show and Episode 2 vidcaps: Click here


Reward challenge: Tribal switch, then land-based obstacle course - La Mina wins
TV Guide says: "The four tribes are combined into two after the 15 remaining castaways pick their team members school-yard style, when two people appointed to choose the others one at a time." From the TV Guide channel preview, it appears the two remaining tribes will be La Mina (orange, originally older men) and Casaya (purple, originally older women). Since orange and purple obstacles are behind Probst as he starts the picking process, we'd guess the RC immediately follows the switch to new tribes. The new tribal lineups show alternating male-female arrangements (Nick-Misty-Austin and Aras-Cirie-Bobby), so the pick probably follows an alternating-gender chain pick strategy, as in Palau.
Tribal switch vidcaps - Click thumbnail to view larger image
rc arrival, two pens the pick begins nick, misty, austin
aras, cirie, bobby shane, bruce, austin/aras shane, bruce, austin/aras

Who ends up where? Update: From the web promo, the new tribes are fairly clear.
Purple tribe (Casaya): Shane, Aras, Bobby, Melinda, Cirie, Danielle and Courtney
Orange tribe (La Mina): Dan, Terry, Bruce*, Nick, Austin, Ruth Marie, Misty and Sally.

* Bruce seems to be sitting out the challenge, so it's not clear which tribe he belongs to. Fom process of elimination (assuming 4 men per tribe), we'd assume he's on Casaya. But we agree with VolcanicGlass's point that there appear to be eight light-colored disks (toward which he steps), and seven darker ones (toward which Bobby steps). Update: HaroldBalzaccio's "Nova Scotia feed" transcript says Bruce gets picked last, and is exiled until after TC. He'll join the IC-losing tribe (which would be Casaya) next episode.

i hate snakesThe challenge itself appears to be an obstacle course, where the point seems to be collecting the wooden snakes that were shown in the TV Guide Channel preview (at right). The race actually appears fairly even: in the scene where Cirie falls on top of Bobby, La Mina (with Jeff Probst trailing them) are visible just ahead of Casaya. Probst is also shown keeping pace with Casaya, as Aras jumps off an obstacle.

But we think the key shot is of an exhausted Aras (and a sad Courtney), versus Austin's fairly chipper "This isn't just all fun and games" confessional. We'll say La Mina wins. From a NY Daily News article, La Mina should win a Hawaiian sling (which gets lost), and that fits HaroldBalzaccio's "Nova Scotia feed" transcript. So... that's that.
Reward Challenge vidcaps - Click thumbnail to view larger image
rc arrival, two pens ep2 rc start rc, getting snakes
rc, criss-crossing bridges orange nick & aras purple courtney
rc, casaya rc, aras, bobby, shane on slide ep2 rc, mit Probst!
rc, sally in the mud ep2 rc, austin ep2 rc, austin
quit? nah ep2 rc loss by aras's tribe? austin, orange buff

Exile: Bruce
bruce the exile?Late-breaking footage in a Tuesday-aired TV ad (at right), however, suggest it might be Bruce after all. Flowerpower at Blows and VolcanicGlass both seem to think the shot of Bruce's karate moves might have been taken at Exile Island (VG also points out possible matching island backgrounds). Plausible, we guess, although it makes trying to figure out which tribe Bruce ends up on even more confusing.

: Again, from HaroldBalzaccio's "Nova Scotia feed" transcript at Sucks, Bruce appears to be exiled for the entire episode, as a result of being the last person (not) picked.

Immunity challenge: Zombie rescue - La Mina wins
New shots of Bobby and Casaya in boats at the immunity challenge appeared in a new TV ad that aired 2/7/06, captured by VolcaniGlass at SurvivorPhoenix (some of which we've borrowed below, thanks, VG). These new images make it clear that this challenge closely resembles the "skeleton rescue" challenge described in the TV Guide Channel preview (vidcaps of which are shown below, bottom row):
Zach Jensen - Art Director: "These boats are actually part of a challenge. They've got a glass bottom, we made these boats in here, some of the lads knocked [them] together. So yeah, it's to do with the searching for skeletons, in the, in coffins underwater, and transporting them to their new home in tombs on the, on the island."

Who wins? Well, Terry seems to be doing fairly well at lugging the "coffin" underwater (Tom Westman, v2.0). So we'd guess La Mina ought to win. And if Melinda is the boot (see below), they must.

Update: yes, they do, but as HaroldBalzaccio's "Nova Scotia feed" transcript at Sucks says, it actually is "zombie rescue". See the thread for more details.
Immunity Challenge vidcaps - Click thumbnail to view larger image
terry? underwater ic? shane dives shane dives
shane dives shane dives  
TVGuide channel preview vidcaps - Click thumbnail to view larger image
the boats, closer bailing kirhoffer wins

Boot: Melinda
Assuming a La Mina win in the IC (which would keep alive the "Shane wants to quit" theme), somebody from Casaya has to be going home. The challenges are still pretty physical at this point, so Casaya's previous bizarre choice of the strong Tina notwithstanding, people seen as physical liabilities would probably be first on the block.

That might be difficult to call, but thanks to ChillOne, we can eliminate everyone except Melinda and Bobby from contention. And really, the only sane choice there would appear to be Melinda. Even though Danielle might want to show the guys a thing or two, it seems unlikely she'd intentionally boot Bobby over Melinda this early on. Especially when they've only had to live with his "Bob Dawg" schtick for less than three days. If Melinda gets exiled, that might lead to a little more excitement at vote time, though. Update: We've been told that the boot is Melinda. Observe or ignore as you see fit.

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