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TDT Survivor 12: Panama - Exile Island Spoilers
Filmed: Oct.-Dec., 2005
Airdate: February 2, 2006
Episode at-a-glance: Pre-show Spoilers | Vidcaps
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Vidcaps: Click to view
boats at exile island
Early Show preview (2/2)
courtney confessional
CBS Ep1 web promo #2 (1/27)
5-on-5 glass bottom boats?TVGuide Channel post-Ep1 challenges (1/22)
young girls are in big trouble
CBS 20-sec TV ad (1/26)
Gallery of all Pre-show and Episode 1 vidcaps: Click here


SPOILERS and Speculation (Semi-chronological)
Jeff Probst press tele-conference, as transcribed by Mayan Sun (SurvivorFever)
January 30, 2006: Excerpts from the seasonal pre-Ep1 teleconference with Jeff Probst, as transcribed by MayanSun ( and posted at Sucks (for a full transcript, click here):

- Jeff Probst: "If you watched the show you know that you're going to have to make fire and you probably know that you're going to get this thing called flint. You need to understand how it works. What a flint is, which side is what and what is this stuff you shave. I'm AMAZED at how many people come out and see a flint and think it's like a garage door opener. You shake it or something and it's going to ignite. So, once again, fire is an issue. Once again, it helps some people and really hurts some others."

- "You see it in the first or second episode that there's a moral dilemma already for somebody who gets offered alliances from two different groups. And they find their self sitting in the catbird seat but ethically they're already conflicted because they don't want to betray anybody. The quote that the person gives is, 'It's really challenging for me ethically right now but it's the best position to be in.'"

- "The big key this season to the game is, or the big change to the game is that, every episode, somebody is going to have to go to Exile Island. It starts wreaking havoc midway through. It becomes very hard on people. But the silver lining is, buried somewhere on the island is an immunity idol. In addition, this immunity idol can be played after the vote. That changed the game dramatically. Because, you can't sucker me now. If I have the idol and you try to sucker me, I'm safe and whoever has the next number of votes is going home. So you better be careful about how you vote. You better think twice. And if I'm smart, and I've been on Exile Island, I'm going to lead you to believe I've found it."

- "They get introduced to Exile Island about 30 seconds into the show. It's just what you said. Suddenly you see everybody's wheels stop and start to reconnoiter. 'Uh oh, I didn't anticipate this.'
... They know that anytime somebody has been to Exile Island, that means the idol could have been found, it means it could have been traded with somebody. You don't know. Maybe I'm telling you I have it and I don't. Maybe I'm not telling you I have it and I do. At one point somebody said to me at Tribal, 'you know, we think this has just changed the game too much.' I cracked up. That's definitely a sign that it's working."

- "So, we put them in four tribes to bond them then
we change them in episode two to see if the bonds would stick. And I think it's pretty interesting because there is a label about being the 'older women' and the 'younger guys' and 'younger women' and the 'older guys'. And that tends to stick. Suddenly it's okay that four older guys are going to stay together no matter what. And then they get split up, now what do you do?"
TV Guide Channel preview
January 22, 2006: Minor structural revelations in production comments during the TV Guide Channel's "Survivor: Panama - Exile Island Preview" show. See also footage of future challenges (click here):

- Jeff Probst: "The flipside to Exile Island is that, hidden somewhere out there is an Immunity Idol. And if you find it, you're safe for the vote. So what that means is, I could come into Tribal Council, have the immunity idol, and not say anything. And if you guys surprise me, and vote me out, I hold it up and say, 'Sorry. Not this time.' And then, I'm immune, and whoever got the most votes after that, they're gone."

- John Kirhoffer - Challenge Producer: "You will see plenty of water challenges this season. Uh, after last season - being in Guatemala was great, Guatemala was beautiful - but we all got just starved for water."
Wickchix at Survivor Sucks
January 12, 2006: Wickchix unloads a bevy of new spoilers:

"- Aras is final 2 and favored to win.
- Im still getting a young girl final 2 with aras.(most likely danielle) I know chill says blond girl to make final 3, but this person said her pics dont look like her at the end.
- It is the person known as the PILOT as final 3 (i think like everyone, this is being confused with the astronaut... it even confused me!)
- This pilot does extremely well in challenges
- There is only one immunity idol on exile island. from what i understand only for the nine left (but this was scetchy to me) And the pilot finds it.
- The thing with Bruce is he has a family history with aorta problems, and at the time they were not sure what his problem is, so 'they' take him out. He makes jury, and in RL time he was taken out Thanksgiving day, so whatever timeline that is in the game will tell you were he placed.
- First boot is a girl
- One tribe doesnt eat for 10 days
- One tribe doesnt eat for 12 days
- One tribe,(but could be one of the above) win a HUGE feast and they get sick.
- Aras gets cut on the last day of filming and gets stitches."
CBS press release
January 9, 2006: CBS reveals a few secrets in what they tell the press...

CBS press release: "SURVIVOR: PANAMA -- EXILE ISLAND, hosted by Jeff Probst, will find the 16 new castaways initially divided into four tribes of four -- Older Men vs. Older Woman vs. Younger Men vs. Younger Women (the four tribes will become two during a schoolyard pick in the second episode). During the duration of SURVIVOR: PANAMA -- EXILE ISLAND, at least one castaway each episode will be banished to a separate island miles away from camp. While being separated from the tribe is not desirable, the castaways will learn that there is a hidden Immunity Idol somewhere on Exile Island. If found, this Immunity Idol could save an individual from being voted out at a future Tribal Council.

In the premiere episode, the four tribes will compete in a Reward Challenge where the losing tribe must decide which one of their tribe members will stay behind on Exile Island. This individual will be forced to fend for themselves until the next Immunity Challenge, but they will also have the first opportunity to locate the whereabouts of the Hidden Immunity Idol."

January 9, 2006: Official unveiling of the Survivor: Panama - Exile Island cast, on the Early Show. Conveniently aired during the first hour, which half of CBS's affiliates don't even show. Way to go, CBS!

Still, some people saw it. Thanks to VolcanicGlass for the vidcaps. And to the CBS site, for providing images easy to steal. And a lo-res version of the video. Here's what they look like:
s12 cast

January 8, 2006: While we can't tell you much about the people we couldn't positively identify, we can give you an idea of the first names and initial tribes of the upcoming cast:

Tribe 1: Younger women
courtney danielle misty sally
Courtney, Mid-20s
"Rasta chick"
Danielle Kling, Mid-20s
Misty Giles, 24
Model/ engineer
Sally, 20s?

Tribe 2: Younger men
aras austin bobby nick
Aras Baskauskas, 24
Yoga instructor
Austin Carty, 24
Model/ actor
Bobby, 20s? Nick, 20s?
We've heard Bobby is African-American, but that's all we know about him or Nick.

Tribe 3: Older women
cirie melinda ruth marie tina
Cirie Fields, 35
Melinda Hyder, 31?
Realtor/ singer
Ruth Marie, >20s? Tina Scheer, 45
We're not positive about the spelling of Sorie's name, although she is the African-American nurse mentioned by ChillOne. And we have no information at all about Melinda or Ruth Marie.

Tribe 4: Older men
bruce dan shane terry
Bruce, >30s? Dan Barry, 52
Former astronaut
Shane, Late 30s
Club promoter?
Terry Deitz, 47
Pilot, ex-Navy

And that is all we know.
MediaScribe at ForumsNet
January 3, 2006: Longtime poster MediaScribe has news about CBS's plans to announce the cast, posted at ForumsNet:

"CBS has just sent me the following regarding the official cast announcement...

'It is looking like the announcement will be made on Monday January 9th on the Early Show. Will confirm shortly.'"

(Note: MayanSun ( later confirmed the date at Survivor Sucks).
OLN ad for S12; thanks to King Domino at Survivor Sucks for the alert
December 28, 2005: As pointed out by Sucks poster King Domino, OLN airs a Survivor: Exile Island ad during its S5 reruns (click here or the the picture below for vidcaps). Amid the many recycled images from the S11 finale preview and the Survivor: Pearl Islands opening credits, two key pieces of info:

logo - starts 2/2- There will be four tribes initially: Men vs. women, and old vs. young (see also December 12 spoilers, below)

- The series will premiere on CBS on Thursday, February 2, 2006.
Wickchix at Survivor Sucks
December 18-19, 2005: Further updates from Wickchix at Sucks:

- 12/18: "From what i understand they have major food issues and they pretty much starve for the first 12 days. When the finally get food, alot of them get sick. I guess this guy gets really shit packed (literally) and has to get out of the game. A woman does too, but she stays."

- 12/19: "As for the beginning, i was told that they will have to endure another 2 day hike to thier camp. (been there done that) Im assuming that they are not given any kind of food in the beginning (which leads to thier 12 days of starving.)
    As for the exile twist... the tribes can send someone to the island, however there is an immunity idol to be found with the same rules as before. (again... been there done that)
    CHILL - the final 2 is just what was told to me... a YOUNG man and woman, with the astronaut being final 3. The man to win by a long shot because of something the woman does or how she behaves. I guess she is not well liked."
Wickchix at Survivor Sucks
December 18, 2005: Vanuatu-spoiling poster Wickchix checks in with some slight wrinkles on somewhat familiar stories:

"A guy named bruce who is taken out of the game due to his bowel problems. Or the guy who had to get stitches.

Now i heard that the final two where a male and female with the male favored to win by a long shot. I heard the astronaut was final 3."
ChillOne at Survivor Sucks
December 14, 2005: A potentially spoiler-laden further update from ChillOne:

"The Final 4 of S12 (based on intel):
Final 2: Military guy
Final 2: Tall, skinny guy
3rd Place: Danielle (feuding with Military guy)
4th Place: Black girl (nurse)."
ChillOne at Survivor Sucks
December 13, 2005: Another update from ChillOne:

"New/updated intel... below (includes one of the Final 9 survivors I was missing):

- 1) Military guy ... wins something like seven immunity challenges in a row). He wins the family reward challenge. Probable Final 4 candidate. Final 2 based on his immunity challenge dominance?
- 2) Black Girl ... See F4 vote dynamics intel below.
- 4) Blonde girl ... Possible Final 4 candidate. Name: Danielle? Also See F4 vote dynamics intel below.
- 8) A tall, skinny guy ... Possible Final 4 candidate. (Note: Obviously, this guy may not have been skinny at the start of the game)

[F4 vote dynamics:]
I'm told that at the Final 4 Tribal Council, there is a voting stalemate; 2-2. To settle this, the 2 square off (Black girl vs. Blonde girl?) in that TC fire building challenge we've seen before -- first to have their fire burn through the string, wins. Loser walks."
ChillOne at Survivor Sucks;
December 12, 2005: A couple of potential spoilers about tribal makeup:

- ChillOne posts at Sucks: "... one of my sources 'thought' that there might have been a 4th tribe, but could not confirm it (as with the other 3 tribes). And, he also 'thought' that one tribe was all women, one tribe was all men ... but could not confirm that either. So, I did not post it.
   But, now that we know there are 16 players, it sounds like we will have 4 tribes of 4. And, it is highly probably that we wil see one tribe of four men. Another tribe of four women. Then other two, not sure."

- We're not sure on the timing of who had this first, but around the same time, SurvivorFever also received a tip that claims there will be "4 tribes of 4 players each" at the start.
Click here for complete vidcaps of the preview
December 11, 2005: Jeff Probst describes the S12 series, during the Survivor: Guatemala finale and reunion show:

probst"Next season, Survivor travels to a stunning location, with an all-new twist. In the exotic waters of Panama sits a tiny island of exile, that will play into the game like never before. Each week, at least one castaway will be banished to this desolate place, separated from their tribemates for days at a time, in one of the most unforgiving environments yet. Strategy will be turned on its head. And survival will take on a whole new meaning. And though this island will be a place to be feared, something hidden within its rocky shores may be the key to one million dollars, and the title of Sole Survivor. The sixteen new castaways will be divided into tribes in a way never before seen. Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast all the others? Join us as the adventure continues with Survivor: Panama - Exile Island."
ChillOne at Survivor Sucks
December 5, 2005: A consolidated spoiler post from ChillOne:

"To begin, infomation points to a 3-tribe scenario at the beginning of the game. For many, that comes as good news. Additionally, the production will include the somewhat frequent use of a "penalty island". How it is used in the context of the game, I'm not sure. But, contestants are punished/banished to this island and isolated for a night due to some event in the game. Most likely, it's related to the challenges.

OK, now to the peeps. I know the descriptions of seven contestants; those that probably are in the Final 9 of S12 (based on intel). They are -- with game details associated with each:
- 1) Military guy ... with Air Force roots and possibly even an astronaut. His name is Barry (or Jerry). Might be the leader and most in control. The intel is that this guy is really kicking ass in the challenges. He wins the family reward challenge. Possible Final 4 candidate.
- 2) Black Girl ... a nurse. Awarded a family visit from Military guy (see's her husband). Possibly Final 4 candidate.
- 3) A very small man ... Awarded a family visit from Military guy (see's his son). Possibly Final 4 candidate.
- 4) Blonde girl ... does not get along with Air Force guy. When all are spending time with their families, she is sent to "penalty island". Does not get to see her mom. Possible Final 4 candidate.
- 5) Another blonde girl (noticible highlights in her hair). Voted off right before the family reward episode. Possible jury member. 7th place?
- 6) Asian guy ... sent to "penalty island" early in the game. Comes back to help his team win the next challenge. Possible jury member. 6th, 8th or 9th place?
- 7) Caucasian Girl w/ blonde rasta-style hair ... Possible jury member. 6th, 8th, or 9th place?

Well, that's it for now. I know there are 2 people missing from the Final 9 equation. But, as of now, we should have enough to chew on to make for fun conversation and debate (especially when mixed with other S12 spoilers). As I hear more, I will post. And, when the contestants are officially revealed, it should make for even more fun matching them up with this intel."
ChillOne at Survivor Sucks
December 5, 2005: Another game-related spoiler from ChillOne:

"I think you'll end up being happy" (in response to SurvivorSurvivorSurvivor's hope for "three tribes of six.")
ChillOne at Survivor Sucks
November 28, 2005: ChillOne adds both contestant info and some late-game spoilers at Sucks:

"The african american girl, military guy, rasta chick, and asian dude go deep into the game."

Note that this post was made on Day 29 of filming (approximately Ep11, with seven players remaining). He followed this up with the following details:
- On November 29: "... and the military guy dominates the challenges."
- On December 1: "The rasta chick is a blonde ... not sure of her ethnicity."
- On December 5: "Military guy has Air Force roots ... rumored to be an astronaut! Named Barry or Jerry."
Joe Taylor from the; posted by Wezzie at Survivor Sucks
September 3, 2005: Wezzie posts a lengthy local Panama story at Sucks about Survivor 12 filming (excerpted below):

- "...Once again the 354-room Hotel Contadora Resort on Contadora Island is serving as the command center for the upcoming $275 million production of this mega-hit television show."
- "The security around the Hotel Contadora is significant. Most of Playa Larga, the largest beach on the island, has been roped off. Only the 350 crew members staying in the hotel and the locals with an official ID are allowed to enter."
- "The security in the waters around Contadora Island is even more formidable. Several dozen Panamanian soldiers in boats are patrolling the area between Contadora Island and the islands of Chapera and Mogo Mogo where most of the filming will take place. If curiosity seekers get too close to either of these islands, they will be immediately intercepted and told to leave."
- "Until the filming stops and all the clean-up work is completed in mid-December, the island will lack some of its tranquillo ambiance. The locals do not seem to mind at all. The business generated by Survivor is enormous."
- "Small boat owners and local guides also busily shuttle crewman back and forth from Hotel Contadora to Mogo Mogo and Chapera to prepare the sites for the 18 new Survivor contestants, each of whom hopes to leave the Pearl Islands with a million dollars in prize money."
Griffe at Survivor Sucks
September 3, 2005: Veteran spoiler Griffe adds a third affirmation for Panama at Sucks:

"Survivor crew is scheduled to arrive on September 15th on this beautiful island. Unless they are going there for vacation, it seems that Panama is it for S12..."
Wezzie at Survivor Sucks
July 26, 2005: Dan Bollinger and Wezzie report in with similar location news at Sucks:

"I don't know if this is connected, but after ChillOne posted his speculations about Panama last week, Dan and I did some investigating. SEG is returning to Panama in August. Scouting? Filming? Mola shopping? Time will tell."
ChillOne's blog
July 26, 2005: Veteran spoiler ChillOne posts the following on his blog:

"Anyway, if the rumors do prove true, look for Survivor 12 (Spring '06) to return, once again, to Panama and the Pearl Islands. Being that Survivor 11 is currently in production in Guatemala, this would be a very practical logistic move for SEG. Plus, location would not play such an important role in a "celebrity" Survivor. My guess would be for a quick production turn-around to reduce costs; with S12 filming possibly kicking-off as early as August '05! Of course, this is all speculation.

We'll see how this all plays out this Fall. Stay tuned..."
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