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TDT Survivor 12: Panama - Exile Island Spoilers
Filmed: Oct.-Dec., 2005
Airdate: February 2, 2006
Episode at-a-glance: Pre-show Spoilers | Vidcaps
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Vidcaps: Click to view
boats at exile island
Early Show preview (2/2)
courtney confessional
CBS Ep1 web promo #2 (1/27)
5-on-5 glass bottom boats?TVGuide Channel post-Ep1 challenges (1/22)
young girls are in big trouble
CBS 20-sec TV ad (1/26)
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Survivor: Panama - Exile Island Preview: vidcaps & transcript
Aired December 11, 2005 | Click a thumbnail to view full-size image
some aging prat cliffs forest snake cliffs again
Audio: mood music
shark beach sunset island antoher beach
Probst: "Next season, Survivor travels..."
beach island rocks yum! another beach
Probst: " a stunning location, with an all-new twist."
a tree islands with false color de boats! de boats! clouds spider
Audio: more mood music
mr. shrinky oh look! another island! still more rocks only 55 more island shots to go! look, here's another!
Probst: "In the exotic waters of Panama..."
exile island exile island, again also exile island yup, exile island exile island
Probst: "... sits a tiny island of exile, that will play into the game like never before."
exile island some dude on an island exile island skull flag lizards love exile island island - now with birds!
Probst: "Each week, at least one castaway will be banished to this desolate place..."
birds 'n skulls skulls 'n birds exile island skull again stuff more stuff
Probst: "... separated from their tribemates for days at a time, in one of the most unforgiving environments yet."
sunset hey, it's the skull! shark, again could it be... an island? shrinky + totem
Probst: "Strategy will be turned on its head. And survival will take on a whole new meaning. And though this island will be a place to be feared..."
still more stuff skull bits more skull bits still more skull bits mr. shrinky's hairy friend
Probst: "... something hidden within its rocky shores may be..."
cross skull bits angry, angry young bird carving with markings more trees
Probst: "... the key to one million dollars and..."
island dude redux fire! fire! stand-ins, standing in a cave torches, stand-ins another cave shot
Probst: "... the title of Sole Survivor. The sixteen new castaways will be divided into tribes in a way never before seen."
shrinky gets a close-up skull with candles another head cross (not david) hairy shrinky plus totem
Probst: "Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast..."
another shrinky dude quit poking me! snake again cross plus exile island skull still just a tree
Probst: "... all the others?"
another skullpture hey, an island! another branches the eye mr pokey, in semi-profile
Probst: "Join us as the adventure continues with Survivor: Panama..."
back to exile island exile mr shrinky bids you adieu thankfully, it's over
Probst: "... Exile Island."
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