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Tina Scheer
45, Hayward, WI
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Contestant-related press and rumors
Date, source
January 26, 2006
Click here to watch the full 45-min video at CBS2 Chicago
January 26, 2006: CBSNews video of a pre-game press roundtable discussion about Tina, led by Jeff Probst, with Mara Reinstein (US Weekly), Paul Adler (TV Guide channel), Shawna Malcom (TV Guide), Dalton Ross (EW), Jarett Wieselman (In Touch). Transcript:

tinaJeff Probst: Tina Scheer.
Paul Adler: Heartbreaking.
Jeff Probst: Timber Tina, a Lumberjill.
Tina (pre-game interview): I have spent a lot of time in the woods, and spent a lot of time on my own, um, you know, solving problems. I'm a female in a male-dominated business. And uh, I've had, I've had to struggle, a lot.
Jeff Probst: She's a, she's a, and I say this with all due respect, but she's a very likeable Sue Hawk to me.
Dalton Ross: Absoltely, that's exactly what I thought. She's extremely likeable, and a huge personality. I mean just a really big personality, and so physical. I mean a female lumberjack, log roller. She's got all that. The one concern I have is, the very recent loss of her son, and the reason why she didn't make it to Guatemala.
Jeff Probst: Let's set that up. She was a contestant on Survivor: Guatemala. She was ready to go, and a horrible accident happened with her son and he was killed, and we didn't think, certainly, that it was appropriate for her to go. She didn't. So she had a spot on the next season. Very recent.
Dalton Ross: Exactly, very recent. And uh, you know, we've seen some like, Brett Favre throw for four touchdowns the day after his dad died, and obviously you can pick yourself up and do that. But Survivor always amplifies your emotions. Usually we see it in screaming fights and yelling, but also it can make you very lonely and sad. We saw what happened with Jenna Morasca and All Stars, and uh, with her mother. I, I worry about how that's going to play with her emotions when she gets out here for a while, and she's been in the sun, and she's a little delirious. And so I'm a little concerned about her with that, other than that, I think she's, she's uh, in good shape.
Shawna Malcom: I think Tina is a very strong competitor. I mean, she's been competing as a lumberjill for how many years now? And she's also said that this was a way, she felt, to honor her son. She was doing this because he was so excited for her, when he found out she was going to get to go to Guatemala. And she really sees it as an opportunity for him to live on a little bit. So there's that.
Paul Adler: I think also in the early stages, at least, they need her physicality. Because with Melinda and Cirie on the team, who I think may handicap them, you know? Maybe handicap them in the challenges. Um, Jill [sic.] is really strong, Ruth Marie is very strong. So I think that may... let her slide by, depending on what the first challenge is of course, but....
Jeff Probst: I have no concerns for Tina. And again, it's first impressions, or second impressions in my case. But, I think she's super strong-willed, and I agree with what you said, about her son being a, an inspiration. And I, I just don't see her crumbling at all. I thinks she's going to lead that group, settle Cirie down a little bit, probably get rid of Melinda. That's who I think would be first to go. As much as I'd hate to see Melinda leave, because I think she needs this experience for a lot of reasons, if she doesn't assimilate quickly. I just, like you, I would look at those acrylic nails and think which, which piece doesn't fit?
Paul Adler: I think they're gonna need Jill, too. She's the only one who has any outdoorsy, you know, survival skills. She could probably, you know, saw down an entire forest with her bare hands. Um, I don't see, you know, Melinda gathering firewood and chopping down trees.
Jeff Probst: Who is first to go in this group if they go to Tribal Council?
Group: Melinda!
Jeff Probst:
Sorry, Melinda.
Vidcaps - click thumbnails to expand
tina - pre-game interview tina - pre-game full cayasa tribe in camp

Vidcaps - click thumbnails to expand
tina in camp tina
tina in camp tina in camp
tina in camp tina in camp
January 22, 2006: Transcript of Tina-specific footage from the TV Guide Channel " Survivor: Panama - Exile Island Preview" (featuring pre-game contestant interviews and Jeff Probst comments from circa Ep1):

"Danni Boatwright: Wisconsin-born TIna was already selected to be part of my cast in Guatemala, but tragedy kept her from going.
Tina (pre-game interview): I was ten days from leaving to Guatemala when my 16-year-old son was killed in a car accident. Which obviously prevented me from going.
Jeff Probst: We said, 'You know, if you feel like it, and it somehow seems like the right thing to do, you're welcome back next season.
Tina (pre-game interview): So I just picked him up in my heart, and, and off we go. I choose to live my life.
Danni Boatwright: And Tina's not only emotionally strong, but a physical threat as well, especially in balance challenges.
Tina (pre-game interview): I started off as a log roller. When I started out was in the '60s. And log rolling was the only sport available to women.
Jeff Probst: Tina is a lumberjill. Tina is a very likeable Sue Hawk. You can't help but pull for somebody like that."

Date, source
January 12, 2006
Emily Burnham , for the Bangor Daily News
January 12, 2006:
Local paper in Maine (home of Tina's lumberjill show) profiles their contestant:

"Mainer on Survivor
   'Timber' Tina Scheer may get a chance to put some of her lumberjill skills to the test when she's surviving in the rainforests of Panama on the new season of Survivor, which premieres at 8 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 2, on CBS.
    Scheer, the owner and emcee of the Great Maine Lumberjack Show in Trenton, which operates every night during the summer, was selected to be one of 16 castaways on Survivor: Panama. The 45-year-old world champion lumberjill can't personally comment on her experience on the show, since CBS doesn't want to give anything away regarding the ending, but friends and family seem to think she has an excellent shot at winning it all and taking home the big prize - a million bucks. That'll buy her a lot of wood to chop.
    Allison Melton, a lumberjill who worked at the Great Maine Lumberjack Show and who has traveled to various logging sports competitions with Scheer, received the news that Timber Tina was going to be on Survivor just a few days ago. 'She disappeared for a while,' said the University of Maine senior, who had not heard from her fellow lumberjill for a short period toward the end of 2005. 'But we had absolutely no idea she was going to be on Survivor.'
   Scheer, who splits her time between Maine and her hometown of Hayward, Wis., had told everyone she was going to British Columbia on lumberjill business, when she was actually roughing it in Central America. Her sister Judy Hoeschler, who lives in Wisconsin and is herself a world champion log roller, had no clue at all. 'I picked her up at the airport in Milwaukee,' Hoeschler said. 'And I said "God, you're really tan. Is it that sunny in British Columbia?" She's very clever about keeping it a secret. All she ever says is "I was awesome."'
   Scheer has won world titles for logging sports in both North America and Australia. She's a champion log roller, and is also one of few women who competes in underhand chopping and crosscut sawing.
    Another thing people didn't know was that she had originally planned to be on the show the previous season, Survivor: Guatemala. She had applied to be on the show last year, confiding only in her 16-year-old son, Charlie, and when she was selected as a contestant, she didn't tell a soul. When Charlie was killed in a car crash last spring, those plans were put on hold.
    Hoeschler said it's more than just a game show for Tina. It's been a long year of grieving and coping, and the choice to appear on Survivor was a difficult one. 'I think all the emotions surrounding the circumstances has made this a really hard journey for her,' said Hoeschler. 'She misses Charlie so much, and this has been such an ordeal for her, that she just needed to do this. It was something they'd started together.'
   Come Feb. 2, we'll see just what Scheer managed to pull off while she was surviving down in Panama. Melton thinks it's her dynamic personality that will see her through to success.
   'I bet she's going to do really well, just knowing her personality,' said Melton. 'She's probably got some tricks up her sleeves. She's a sneaky one.'
   'She's pretty tough in both the physical and mental departments,' said Hoeschler. 'She's an extrovert and an entertainer. Any girl that can log roll and swing axes has a pretty good chance, I'd say.'"
January 9, 2006: Officially revealed as a contestant on Survivor: Panama - Exile Island on the Early Show.
Early Show vidcaps - click thumbnails to expand
pre-challenge tina tina speaks

Tina's bio, from the CBS Survivor: Panama site:
The youngest of six children born into a logging sports family, Tina Scheer learned how to log roll in Northern Wisconsin when she was seven years old. She feels all of her childhood memories are good ones and credits her mother for raising six children by herself.

Scheer is the owner of the World Champion Lumberjills, "Chics with Axes," a traveling group of female lumberjacks. She is also owner of The Great Maine Lumberjack Show, which is based in Trenton, Maine. She competes regularly as a lumberjill and is also a logging sports promoter. In addition to touring the country, she has traveled to Australia ten times with her exhibitions. She also traveled to South Africa, Germany and New Zealand. She has been featured in CBS's Challenge of the Sexes, MTV's Real World, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and Women's Sport & Fitness.

After Scheer was accepted to participate in SURVIVOR: GUATEMALA, her only child, Charlie, 16, was killed in an auto accident one week before she was expected to leave. In spite of this tragedy, Scheer was determined to complete the SURVIVOR adventure that they had started together. She describes herself as outgoing, funny and adventurous. Scheer feels her greatest achievement, apart from the privilege of being Charlie's mom, is promoting women in a man's sport.

Having grown up in the woods, Scheer is most comfortable in the outdoors. She is an avid hiker and biker, kayaks regularly and does X-C skiing.

Scheer currently splits her time between Hayward, Wisconsin, and Trenton, Maine. Her birth date is November 17, 1960.

December 22, 2005: The True Dork Times receives additional info confirming that Tina was a contestant on Survivor: Panama - Exile Island.
Date, source
July 1, 2005
macintosh at Scribe's Oasis
July 1, 2005 : Scribe's Oasis poster macintosh recounts some sad news about Tina, who appears to have been considered for Survivor: Guatemala:

"So close yet such a tragic ending...

It came to my attention a while ago that another contestant from Maine MIGHT be on the newest edition of Survivor Guatemala. I was waiting to make sure the filming had begun before telling the info I had.

First it was another female. a lumberjill no less. You have heard of a lumberjack, well females are called lumberjills. Yes this lady was no ZOE or some steroid enhanced beast, she was a lovely lady who ran a lumberjack show here in Maine.

Her name is "Timber" Tina Scheer and you can read more about her HERE at this link

But sadly a tragic accident recently most likely snuffed any chance she had of being the next winner of Survivor Guatemala. when her 16 yr old son died tragically in a car accident just before filming began...

But if they liked her enough to select her for this season keep your eyes open for Survivor 12."
Date, source
Summer, 2002
Kevin Freking, Great Outdoor Games
July, 2002: Tina pulls off an upset win in the seminfinals of the Women's Timber Endurance event at the 2002 ESPN Great Outdoor Games (Note: Strangely, Tina seems to have ended up in 4th place, behind Allyson Clark):

Excerpt from an article on the win (linked at right):
- "Tina Scheer, the lowest-seeded competitor in the Women's Endurance competition, pulled off perhaps the biggest upset so far in the ESPN Great Outdoor Games when she defeated last year's gold medal winner on Friday.
   Scheer, of Hayward, Wis., upset defending champion Sheree Taylor of New Zealand in the quarterfinals. Then she defeated Alyson Clark, another New Zealander, in the semifinals. The wins mean that Scheer will square-off against Penny Halverson in the finals Saturday.
   Scheer said nobody expected her to beat Taylor — except, possibly, herself. She said she did not qualify for last year's GO Games because she had not competed in enough events. But she fared well against most of Friday's competitors in another tournament, plus she had trained these past three weeks with last year's men's endurance champion Jason Wynard of New Zealand.
   'To come in here the underdog — I mean, I'm the eighth-place seed — just made me very relaxed,' Scheer said. 'I was thinking, 'What have I got to lose?' Nothing.'
   Taylor won the gold medal last year in a time of 69.9 seconds, a full 10 seconds faster than the next closest time. The New Zealand native was a solid favorite to repeat this year.
   The women's endurance competition involves three events. First, the women use a chainsaw to make two cuts through a block of wood that is 16 inches in diameter. Then, they run to the underhand chop, which involves using an axe to chop through an 11-inch block of wood. When the block is severed, the women go to the single buck, where they use a large saw to cut through 16 inches of pine. It usually takes a time of less than 90 seconds to win a quality competition."
Summer, 2001: Tina finishes in second place in the Women's Timber Endurance event at the ESPN Great Outdoor Games. Note: Google is filled with similar stories of Tina's competition results. Feel free to peruse them at your leisure.
Date, source
1980s - present
See also:
1980s - present: "Timber" Tina is the founder, owner and host of "Timber Tina's Great Maine Lumberjack Show," in Trenton, Maine.

Excerpts from the show's web site:
- "Tina made her entrance into logging sports at the early age of 8. She is the youngest member of the world famous logging sports 'Scheer' family. She grew up in a small town in Northern Wisconsin that is host to the World Championships. Along with three other siblings, Log Rolling was her springboard into the sport and it has literally taken her around the world."
- "During her career she has traveled to competitions or exhibitions in more than 45 United States, 7 Canadian Provinces, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany and she has produced Lumberjill exhibitions in 5 Australian States on 10 different trips! She has won World Titles in Logging Sports in Australia and North America. She has been featured in National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Women's Sport & Fitness, Paul Harvey Show, CBS's Challenge of the Sexes & The Morning Show and MTV's Real World! She recently won the Silver Medal competing at The Great Outdoor Games on ESPN!"
- "In the off-season you can look for Timber Tina and The World Champion Lumberjills - CHICS with AXES traveling show! It is an all-female team of logging sports athletes that travels the Fair & Festival circuit in North America. And some of you may have seen Timber Tina announcing on the Stihl Timbersports Series, the #1 event in logging sports on ESPN. She has traveled with the competition to give play-by-play action on the Champion Lumberjacks for over a decade. The Great Maine Lumberjack Show was host to ESPN and the Stihl Series in 1997, 1998, 2000 & 2001!"
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