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More information about Survivor 12: Panama - Exile Island contestant...
Bruce Kanegai
58, Simi Valley, CA
Karate instructor/ art teacher
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Contestant-related press and rumors
Date, source
January 26, 2006
Click here to watch the full 45-min video at CBS2 Chicago
January 26, 2006: CBSNews video of a pre-game press roundtable discussion about Bruce, led by Jeff Probst, with Mara Reinstein (US Weekly), Paul Adler (TV Guide channel), Shawna Malcom (TV Guide), Dalton Ross (EW), Jarett Wieselman (In Touch). Transcript:

bruceJeff Probst: Let's talk about Bruce, the fourth guy in the old guy's group.
Bruce (pre-game interview): I'm Bruce Kanegai. I'm a high school art teacher in Simi Valley. And I teach shotokan karate also in the evenings in Simi Valley.
Shawna Malcom: So many accomplishments. I don't think any of us got a question in. You know, he just came in ready to talk.
Bruce (pre-game interview): I have such a great passion, not only for teaching. But um, I should have died nine times in my life. And I just feel I'm here for a purpose. And whatever I do, my goal is always to be the best at what I do.
Dalton Ross: That might be the one problem. He really has an interesting background, but, you know he says he has nine lives. Like, I think I lost one when I died of boredom just hearing about them the 30th time. And if he goes out there and does that, that's gonna get old real quick.
Jarett Wieselman: Yeah, he definitely has to turn it down once he gets on the island, because if he's the guy who never stops talking, and never stops telling stories, they're just gonna vote him out, just to like have some quiet.
Jeff Probst: What do you think of the difference between someone like Dan, the astronaut, who really doesn't spend a lot of time talking about - he'll talk to you if you, really wanna know about it. And a guy like Bruce, who has just as, an, an equal amount of fascinating background but spends all of the time telling you about it. What does that say about the difference with those two guys?
Jarett Wieselman: It sort of seems like Dan may be a little bit more confident and secure in what he's done. Whereas I'm sure Bruce is also. But um, I just think he's got such this incredible passion for life and he wants to share it with everyone. And I think that could end up possibly being a detriment to him.
Shawna Malcom: I think he wants people very much to know what he's done. I think it's more an insecurity issue.
Mara Reinstein: He's also a teacher and he's used to just standing up in...
Shawna Maclom: Teacher of the year!...
Mara Reinstein: Exactly. Really? I didn't know! [laughs] Um, but, even though he's the oldest one he's probably just as, in good of shape as everyone. But I agree, I think his mouth may get him in trouble and not his physical ability.
Dalton Ross: And ultimately that's what it comes down to. Who do I want to be next to for the next three days.
Jeff Probst: First off, if we stay with groups and they go to Tribal Council, first off from the older guys?
Group: Bruce... or Shane!
Jeff Probst: Wow, suddenly Bruce vaults to the top!
Dalton Ross: I think it depends on the challenge. I think if they go to the first Tribal Council, whoever is holding them up may be that first person.
Jarett Wieselman: Bruce is incredibly fit. I mean he backpacks, he said he's hiked across Oregon. You know, I think if it's a physical challenge and it's between the two of them, Shane is gonna definitely seem like the weaker link.
Mara Reinstein: Although Shane's doctor did tell him, he's in the best shape he's ever seen.
Dalton Ross: Well that's grading on a curve.
Shawna Malcom: That's also what Shane told us.
Vidcaps - click thumbnails to expand
bruce - pre-game interview bruce at camp bruce at camp

Vidcaps - click thumbnails to expand
bruce at camp bruce - pre-game interview
pre-ep1 ic dan and bruce at camp
January 22, 2006: Transcript of Bruce-specific footage from the TV Guide Channel " Survivor: Panama - Exile Island Preview" (featuring pre-game contestant interviews and Jeff Probst comments from circa Ep1):

"Danni Boatwright: Winning is also what art teacher Bruce is all about.
Bruce (pre-game interview): I taught backpacking for 19 years. 25 years ago, I ran the John Muir trail, and set a record.
Danni Boatwright: And as the oldest Survivor in Panama, Bruce feels his four decades as a karate instructor
Bruce (pre-game interview): Teaching karate has brought all the elements of Survivor before me. When I teach, I like to do about 2000 techniques a night.
Jeff Probst: If Bruce is smart enough to realize, 'Okay, I'd better quiet down,' he'll be okay. Prediction? He won't realize it, and Bruce will be gone soon.
Bruce (pre-game interview): The knowledge I have of surviving is, is, I could write the books."

January 12, 2006
Ventura County Star
January 12, 2006: Local paper checks in with brief Bruce bit:

"High school teacher to be on this season's Survivor
    A Simi Valley man will appear on this season's edition of the reality television show Survivor, a CBS spokeswoman said on Wednesday.
    Bruce Kanegai, 58, is one of 16 contestants competing on the 12th edition of the show, Survivor: Panama -- Exile Island. Kanegai, an art instructor at Simi Valley High School, is the oldest contestant on the show.
    For this edition of Survivor, which premieres Feb. 2, older contestants will face off against each other, and younger participants will do battle with one another, among other activities.
    Filming for the season has been completed, but Kanegai cannot comment until he has either been voted off the island or declared the winner on air, a CBS spokeswoman said. 'Sorry, I can't talk to you about it,' Kanegai said when asked by a reporter to comment on his time in Panama.
    In 2002, Kanegai filmed a Worst-Case Scenario episode for TBS, where he had to handle a rattlesnake."
January 9, 2006: Officially revealed as a contestant on Survivor: Panama - Exile Island on the Early Show.
Early Show vidcaps - click thumbnails to expand
bruce, shelter pointy bruce bruce speaks

Bruce's bio, from the CBS Survivor: Panama site:
Bruce Kanegai is a third generation Japanese American who grew up in Los Angeles. During the 1960's, he received the Boy Scout rank of Eagle Scout and the rank of Black Belt from the Shotokan Karate School. Kanegai received his Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Northridge. He also received his teaching credentials for the State of California.

For the past 34 years, Kanegai has been teaching art at Simi Valley High School, where he has taught over 10,000 students. He had been awarded "Teacher of the Year" from The International Rotary Club, The Bravo Award from the Los Angeles Music Center, The Amgen Corporation, The Pasadena Art Center College of Design and the Otis/Parsons Art School.

Kanegai is a fifth-degree black belt in karate and has taught more than 7,000 students over about 40 years. In 1967, he was a member of the first US karate team to visit Japan. In 2000, Kanegai was promoted to the highest ranking black belt in the Shotokan Karate of America. In 2004, he was a judge at Shotokan's 40th Anniversary celebration in France. Kanegai is currently in the process of finishing a book on the 50-year history of the Shotokan Karate of America.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Kanegai was a top backpacking instructor for Moorpark Community College, the Yosemite Institute and many private organizations. Some of his backpacking highlights include hiking the entire state of Oregon and, in 1980, setting a new record of running the 220-mile John Muir Trail from Mount Whitney to Yosemite National Park.

From 1978-1992, Kanegai was a POST (Police Officer Survival Training) Instructor in California. Under the Downey-Roth System, Kanegai assisted in teaching police instructors arrest and control techniques, weapon retention and the side-handle baton.

Kanegai is a member of the California Art Educators Association and Shotokan Karate of America. His hobbies include photography, drawing, hiking, golfing and skiing. He has had several close brushes with death, including being bitten by a large rattlesnake while golfing three years ago.

Kanegai currently lives in Simi Valley, California, with his wife of 27 years, Nancy. They have two children, Alexander and Danielle, and one dog, Chako. His birth date is December 17, 1947.

January 7, 2006: Compiling various tips we've received about Bruce...

- Asian-American man, initially on the tribe of older men, who goes pretty far.

As such, seems like a match for ChillOne's reported "asian dude [who goes] deep into the game," and the "
Asian guy ... sent to 'penalty island' early in the game. Comes back to help his team win the next challenge."

- We've also heard a confirming report that Wickchix's story (and her later addendum) about Bruce is accurate (we'll merely link to it here, in case you want to avoid a major spoiler).
Date, source
December 18, 2005
Wickchix at Survivor Sucks
December 18, 2005: Vanuatu-spoiling poster Wickchix checks in with some spoilers posts (follow the link to read boot spoiler). But she does mention...

- "A guy named bruce...."
Nov. 28- Dec. 5, 2005
ChillOne at Survivor Sucks
November 28, 2005: ChillOne adds both contestant info and some spoilers at Sucks:

"The african american girl, military guy, rasta chick, and asian dude go deep into the game."

Later, on December 5th, ChillOne adds a little more detail (we've tried to avoid putting boot spoilers here, follow the link for the full post):

"Asian guy ... sent to "penalty island" early in the game. Comes back to help his team win the next challenge."
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