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Episode 4
"Sumo at Sea"

Filmed November 8-10, 2004
Airdate: March 10, 2005

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Episode descriptions
CBS: "-Tensions rise within both tribes when they are forced to choose leaders for the next Reward Challenge. What role will the leaders play?
-One castaway becomes annoyed when a tribemate complains of having no energy and doesn't help the tribe.
-Spirits are high within a tribe when they win a Challenge and an extraordinary Reward.
-It is still early in the game, yet signs of tribal division emerge when one group considers banding together to vote out a tribemate. Who is the unlucky one?"
REWARD CHALLENGE/ Home Depot product placement "Better Built Outhouse"? - Koror wins?
The Palau challenge storyboard featured in the "Countdown to Survivor: Palau" revealed (with a bit of eyestrain) this challenge to be sponsored by the Home Depot, at least as of Ep1, when the storyboard was filmed (storyboard discussions: Sucks, Phoenix, Joker's Updates). Hard to imagine Survivor would screw around with a corporate sponsor, so fairly safe to assume this is still it. Mersaydeez says: "I believe this is possibly 'better built outhouse,' since I know there is a latrine building challenge coming up (Ibrehem is the 'nail holder').

But is it? There's all this nonsense with the "tribal representatives," which Koror at least seems to believe might be a sneaky way to direct a tribal switch to rescue Ulong. But since both tribes seem to get to greet Probst before anybody leaves, that seems unlikely. Your guess is as good as ours as to what's involved, but Ulong still seems to have the same people at the IC. As for the challenge, well Probst seems to be showing up at Koror's beach with a special delivery, and Koror seems pretty excited to see him (unless jig-dancing Ian is just impersonating Ashlee Simpson). We'll stick with that assessment until proven otherwise. We find it hard to believe Ulong could win a challenge requiring planning, foresight, cooperation and teamwork. Koror wins?
REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails below for larger version

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ "Sumo at Sea" - Koror wins
Sumo! At sea! (Okay, a pillow fight on a platform, at least). Looks like a lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing. The challenge itself looks like the kind, again, that Ulong should do well at, one based on inidividual strength (and a bit of balance), with no teamwork required. Several face-offs are shown coming out in Ulong's favor: Stephenie tosses Jenn overboard, Ibrehem appears to get the best of Gregg. But the shot of a dry, winded-looking Tom squinting into the distance probably tells the main tale. Bobby Jon's comments at the previous tribal council, that they can't beat Tom, will be seen as prophetic. Why do we say that, when all the shots of Ulong appear to be in their favor (except the one of Tom)? Dunno, but we still think Tom will take the challenge for Koror. The caps show a 3-1 Ulong advantage. But Coby looks in a position to win, and there's no reason to believe Kim will suddenly start helping in challenges, so it could easily be 3-3. As the Heartbreak Yid and BJ pointed out in Sucks Spoilers and MeSS respectively, the last two caps of Ibrehem better fit him losing a bout. So we'll go with a Koror win, perhaps with good old Ibe the final Ulong to fall.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails below for larger version
General IC pictures
James - Coby: Unclear
Angie - Caryn: Ulong 1, Koror 0
Kim - Janu: Unclear
Stephenie - Jenn: Ulong 1, Koror 0
Bobby Jon - Tom: Ulong 0, Koror 1
Ibrehem - Gregg: Ulong 1, Koror 0

Depending on who wins immunity, this one could be either easy, or hard. Jeff's post-boot comments gave little indication that Ulong had a chance of avoiding tribal council this week, but we'll at least entertain the possibility. Nah, that's crazy talk. Ulong loses again.

If they do return, there's a slight possibility Ulong could be even stupider than usual, and boot malcontents Bobby Jon or James, but it seems much more likely that they'll finally get around to cutting deadweight Kim. Yawn.

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