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Episode 2
"Love Is In the Air, Rats Are Everywhere"

Filmed November 4-6, 2004
Airdate: February 24, 200

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Episode descriptions
CBS: "- One tribe's beach is overrun with unwelcome little visitors.
- One Survivor is suspicious about a special alliance developing between two tribemates.
- While enjoying a feast, a tribe notices one member's reclusive behavior.
- A tribe attempts to recover a lost provision. Will they be successful in the task, or will they succumb to exhaustion?"
REWARD CHALLENGE/ "Gauntlet Dash" - Ulong wins?
The "gauntlet" in the challenge name (thanks, Dreamer) is a bunch of swinging sacks, threatening to knock contestants from balance beams and spinning barrels. This challenge looks like it was designed to hurt. Lots of footage of Bobby Jon screaming in this challenge. And a lot of focus on Angie. Also someone (on Koror?) appears to slip on the dock in a particularly painful fashion. But they are playing for something useful: Fishing gear (mask, snorkel, fins and Hawaiian sling... again thanks to Dreamer). And as noted by the observant BJ at MESS, the flippers and mask are visible in one of Bobby Jon's barrel-slamming scenes (middle row, second from left below). This confirms this challenge is indeed the RC.

Who wins? The CBS bullet point mentioning the recluse at the feast (above) suggests Angie's tribe wins (presumably catching said feast with their new gear). Koror may have spent the time leading up to the challenge trying to retrieve their flint, perhaps putting them at a disadvantage. On the other hand, there are all the shots of Bobby Jon in anguish. Tough call, but collectively, weak evidence for an Ulong win.
REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Stop, drop and roll...
Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark...
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ "Heads Up" (underwater retrieval) - Koror wins?
Since the other challenge clearly involves the gauntlet, the diving and water-retrieval scenes must be from the IC (which fits the title). The challenge appears to require swimming out to markers (the "30" buoy, below, also the "40" buoy, barely visible with Ian and Tom), diving and pulling something to the surface. There are can-like objects floating around Willard and Tom. Caryn is also shown in what may be a shot from this challenge, apparently on dry land. It's possible the sunken objects need to be assembled (puzzle?) on the beach in order to finish.

Given Ian's diving prowess, this should be Koror's challenge to lose, although the person we see bringing something to the surface is Tom. Either way, Koror looks good. Additionally, Angie is shown wet, wearing her bra, looking upset. Since she doesn't wear her bra in the RC, this must be the IC, with Ulong losing yet again. The shot of Bobby Jon and Kim looking upset may also be from this challenge, presumably also after losing. Besides, a Koror win fits Probst's pre-game prattle about one tribe paying for booting the strong.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Anybody want some beans?
Chopping block, here I come!
BOOT/ Jeff? Ashlee
For this week's boot, we look again to Ulong. Do they continue booting the strong? Probably not, unless another strong person gives the rest of the tribe some other reason to boot them. Angie is the obvious choice, but we think she's a little too obvious. Then again, in a tribe infested with models, silly things like logic and foresight could easily be tossed aside in favor of booting whoever was hogging the tribe's hair dryer right before confessionals were filmed.

If we look to the episode title, we can single out Jeff as a potential boot. "Love Is In The Air" could have a double meaning, in which one of the "lovers" is left hanging at Tribal Council (or perhaps knocked into the air by the gauntlet). The betrayal interpretation seems more likely when coupled with the "rats" half of the title. Jolanda revealed on Survivor Live that Jeff was in charge during Ulong's horrendous paddling performance in the Ep1 IC. So while we haven't seen a lot of this guy, we could be seeing even less of him rather quickly.

James is also a potential boot candidate. He's suddenly the oldest on his tribe, and not as strong as the younger men, and therefore may appear expendable. He also appears to take a big fall in the RC (at least until we get clearer footage than the web promo). Also, as Probst is dismissing Ulong from the first tribal council, the camera cuts to close-ups of James, then Ashlee, as Probst is admonishing the tribe. With the camera on James, Probst says "You need to stop with the excuses," then the editing cuts to Ashlee, as Probst says "and get a plan, or you will be back here very soon." These are not portents of success for James and Ashlee.

Speaking of whom, while we can't imagine Ashlee being stealthy in any way, it appears she slipped under our radar for this week's boot. But as Izad notes at Sucks, she appears to be (or someone pretending to be her is) selling her buff on eBay at the moment (no bids at this time). As erickman noticed later, she's also hocking a pair of jeans. If she's getting booted this week, this is certainly the time to be doing it.

In short, we have no clue who gets booted, but it should be on Ulong. Angie, Bobby Jon, Kim and Ibrehem are also possibilities. We'll guess Jeff. We assume Snewser will lift the veil of uncertainty shortly after voting in his game closes. Check back then for the updated answer.

Update: Dammit, we suck at guessing. Snewser says it's Ashlee.

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