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Episode 13
"It Could All Backfire"

Filmed December 4-6, 2004
Airs May 12
, 2005

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Episode descriptions
CBS: "-Gender lines are drawn as one group hatches a plan to vote off the Survivor who doesn't win Immunity.
-One Survivor feels betrayed when the winner of a Challenge chooses a different tribemate to enjoy the Reward.
-Going into Tribal Council, one Survivor holds the power and is torn between an alliance and a friendship. Which way will the vote swing?"
REWARD CHALLENGE/ "Maze At Sea"? - Ian wins a Corvette, takes Tom on reward trip
Dan Bollinger posted back in December:
"3. yellow customized GMC truck taken to rock islands, possible reward
  4. red Corvette driven to Shallum Etpison's house on top of rock island as a reward."

Wezzie later reported (despite her oft-stated claim that she never posts spoilers) that Ian will win this challenge, and the red Corvette is his Reward. (As is her wont, Wezzie has since edited this out, and now points back to Dan's post. The original post is archived here). Quartzeye maintains that Ian wins the Corvette, however. Does anyone win the yellow Chevy SSR shown on the CBS site? Dan seems to think so.

Updated update from Wezzie: "I don't believe that anyone wins the truck until the finale, but it was used to transport survivors for a day."
Updated updated updates from:
- Wezzie: "SEG loaded the truck onto a LCU."
- Dan Bollinger: " This 'LCU' (on the left, in the water) would have no problem delivering a mini-pickup truck to Pelelui or elsewhere in Palau."
- Wezzie: "It's time to brush up on WWII history in Palau. We're going to Peleliu! ... and we've got WHEELS." (Later posted a picture of the Chevy SSR).

New update: Biancaxxx confirms that Ian wins the Corvette, and that it's the only car won during this episode. Additionally, as Biancaxxx posts here, Tom will be Ian's "date" for this, um, outing.

As confirmation, the post-Ep12 TV preview shows the three women openly plotting at camp (near right), presumably while Ian and Tom are off on their reward. Also, Ian, in his own new swimsuit (far right), and Katie are shown discussing Ian's betrayal. That seems most likely to be breaking his "deal" with Katie to take her on reward, and taking Tom instead.

So enough of the spoilers, what's the challenge? The storyboard suggests it may be called "Maze At Sea" (storyboard discussions: Sucks, Phoenix, Joker's Updates), and this time, the caps seem to fit. We see the contestants apparently racing on individual rafts, across the water. That's about all we see, which isn't terribly helpful, but since we already know Ian wins, no big deal.
REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails below for larger version

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Another balance-related race - Tom wins
The overhead shot at the start of this challenge reveals part of the layout. Behind the contestants are what look like puzzle-assembling tables of some kind. Ahead of them individual rope bridges, a central platform, and beyond it, something covered in green camo tarps. Since the contestants are shown going in both directions on the bridge, it seems probable that they have to retrieve stuff from under/past the tarps, bring it back to the tables, and do something with their retrieved objects (a puzzle of some kind?). A combination of balance, agility, and mental power? Then again, it may be pure balance. As BJ points out at MeSS, in the area with the green tarps in the starting picture, you later see floating platforms in water, in the picture (second row, left side) of Jenn heading back. As several people at MeSS have pointed out, there's no clear indication that anyone is actually carrying anything back, though, so it's unclear what the tables (and running back in forth) is for.

Who wins? As we noted last week, Wezzie states that Tom and Ian are "immunity gods," so it's probably one of them, again. In the overhead shot at the start, Ian seems to have an early lead, and Tom is shown falling on the rope bridge later on. If anything, we'd expect a tall guy like Ian to have problems with balance, but in the first pass through the rope bridge, he seems to be in the lead. Another toss-up. On the other hand, there's a lot of shots of Tom near the immunity necklace, so maybe that's supposed to mean something. Perhaps the CBS synopsis lends a clue here: "Going into Tribal Council, one Survivor holds the power and is torn between an alliance and a friendship." Since the promo shows the episode will go to great pains to explore the Katie-Ian bond, as well as the women plotting while the men are away at reward, the most plausible synthesis would be that Katie is torn a newly formed alliance with Caryn and Jenn (neither of whom have anything to lose in going against Tom and Ian here), and her friendship with Ian. For this to work, Ian must be vulnerable at Tribal Council, so we'll say Tom wins IC.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails below for larger version

BOOT/ Caryn
Once again, Mersaydeez provided this boot long ago. Although not in a galaxy far, far away, as far as we know. Ignore the usual talk of all-female alliances and such.

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