(A largely irrelevant compendium of Survivor: Nicaragua cast info. Click contestant picture for more info.)

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The final three, sorted by finish (formerly by Survival Avg)
The final three Chances for survival
Judson 'Jud' Birza
Ep14: Safe | Overall: Won, 5-4-0
- ooberfan: Final 3.
- Ads say he's 'young'
- Tip: Late-game IC run.
Matt Lenahan
Ep14: Safe | Overall: Final three
- ooberfan: Final 3.
- jessiek: Marty gives him a hidden idol.
- missyae: Everyone hates Sash.
Chase Rice
Ep14: Safe | Overall: Final three
- Returned thin, bearded.
- ooberfan: Final 3.
- jessiek: NaOnka gives him a hidden idol.
So long, enjoy your time at Pwnderosa (the jury)
The ex-contestants Former chances for survival
Holly Hoffman
Ep14: Toast | Overall: 9th juror, 3-1
- missyae: memorable.
- NaturallyAmazing18: friends with Chase.
- missyae: 4th place.
Dan Lembo
Ep14: Toast | Overall: 8th juror, 4-1
- MayanSun: Makes family visit.
- Ads say he's 'old'
- blackwhale: Six 40+ people booted pre-merge.
- missyae: 5th place.
Jane Bright
Ep13: Toast | Overall: 7th juror, 5-1
- missyae: Does "very well"
- MayanSun: Family visit
Ben Henry
Ep12: Toast | Overall: 6th juror, 4-2-1
- Post-return tweets suggest he went far. - Making himself a post-merge challenge threat.
Kelly Shinn
Ep11: Quits | Overall: 5th juror
- missyae: Quitters both reach jury. - missyae: Quits.
Na Onka Mixon
Ep11: Quits | Overall: 4th juror
- missyae: Quitters both reach jury. - MayanSun: Quits, betrays alliance.
Brenda Lowe
Ep10: Toast | Overall: 3rd juror, 8-1-1
- La Flor spokesperson in Ep1. - jessiek: "betrayed" by NaOnka.
Martin (Marty) Piombo
Ep9: Toast | Overall: 2nd juror, 7-4
- missyae: Idol finder.
- Friends with LaFlors.
- jessiek: Gives idol to Sash.
Alina Wilson
Ep8: Toast | Overall: 1st juror, 10-2
- missyae: Merge boot. - Last standing ex-La Flor not in main alliance.
Guía de los muertos (the non-jurors)
The ex-contestants Former chances for survival
Jill Behm
Ep7: Toast | Overall: Eighth boot, 3-2-2
- Friends with La Flors
- missyae: Makes switch
Yve Rojas
Ep6: Toast | Overall: Seventh boot, 6-1
- missyae: Makes switch -
Kelly Bruno
Ep6: Toast | Overall: 6th boot, 3-3-2 (5-1)
- missyae: memorable.
- blackwhale: makes jury.
- missyae: Not a juror.
Tyrone Davis
Ep5: Trouble? | Overall: Fifth boot, 6-2
- missyae: Makes switch -
'Jimmy T' Tarantino
Ep4: Toast | Overall: Fourth boot, 5-3
- missyae: outlasts Jimmy Johnson. (Barely). - missyae: Fourth boot.
Jimmy Johnson
Ep3: Toast | Overall: Third boot, 8-1
- Featured in first ad. - missyae: "Did not last long at all."
- missyae: Third boot.
Shannon Elkins
Ep2: Toast | Overall: Second boot, 7-3
- missyae: memorable. - ooberfan: spectacular departing Tribal Council
- blackwhale: Ep2 boot.
Wendy Jo DeSmidt-Kohlhoff
Ep1: Toast | Overall: First boot, 9-1
- Featured in first ad. - Featured in first ad.
- missyae: First boot.