Ep.8: Boy, we can do much more together

Episode 8: Boy, we can do much more together

Published: November 9, 2010


The Nicaragua merge and the stealing and the ripping off of past character motifs and everything old is new again if you just mix it up.

Ep.6: Look Mark, no Hantz

Episode 6: Look Mark, no Hantz

Published: October 25, 2010


A mysterious guest columnist bemoans the lack of Russell Hantz on this season, except in immunity idol form.

Ep.5: Revenge of the spit

Episode 5: Revenge of the spit

Published: October 18, 2010


Marty gets a tiara, Probst accidentally gets swapped from the old people's tribe, and there is lots and lots of spitting. Also, Shambo is the guest of honor... as dinner.

Ep.4: Less rock, more talk

Episode 4: Less rock, more talk

Published: October 12, 2010


Hurricane NaOnka fails to materialize, Tropical Storm Jimmy T shows up instead. But at least he made it to the Sears Product Placement episode.

Ep.3: Throwing things down at me

Episode 3: Throwing things down at me

Published: October 1, 2010


In which monkeys attack old people, barrels and contestants get rolled (thanks, NaOnka), and Probst puts the hapless old people to work in a sweatshop making stuffed pandas.

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