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Last updated: August 15, 2010
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Pre-Survivor: Nicaragua Ep1 vidcap gallery
Updated: August 15, 2010

Here's a gallery of various Matt pics from the press coverage of the Survivor: Nicaragua cast reveal, as well as the pre-Ep1 ads that CBS has aired:

CBS reveals twist, quasi-reveals Survivor: Nicaragua cast
Added: July 28, 2010

After being scooped by SurvivorSucks, CBS today issued a press release confirming that Survivor: Nicaragua will indeed feature an "old vs. young" tribe breakdown (at least initially). In addition, @CBSTweet sent out this (mostly concealed) pre-game picture of the entire cast (for those scoring at home, taken 6/12, or two days before filming began; click the picture to enlarge):

SurvivorSucks spoils the entire Survivor: Nicaragua cast
Added: July 27, 2010

Three Survivor: Nicaragua contestants were already known (Holly Hoffman, originally spoiled by Sabina Sperber at Sucks, online casting call winner 'Jimmy T' Tarantino, and former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson, spoiled by jackbauer1982 and later confirmed by missyae at Sucks, then by the mainstream sports press). But over a roughly 24-hour period (Saturday 7/24-Sunday 7/25), posters at SurvivorSucks identified (and missyae confirmed) all but one of the remaining 17 contestants: original spoiler thread here, contestant-specific threads are in the S21+ forum (until they're moved in a few weeks). The last, Jane Bright of the Espada tribe, was positively indentified today. See our Survivometer21 page for a summary.

Also, as had previously been speculated by smokeitgood, missyae confirmed that the "twist" for the season is that the tribes are initially divided by age: The La Flor (yellow) tribe is composed of contestants of age 30 or under, while all members of the Espada (blue) tribe are over 40.

Matt, in his own words (we assume)
Circa 2010 | LinkedIn

"Originally from Chicago, Matthew attended a Big 10 University then moved to West Palm Beach, FL where he first entered the mortgage industry. His subsequent relocation to New York enabled him to expand his business and client base as well as his knowledge of the city's unique real estate market....

When not hard at work, Matthew can generally be found partaking in long distance running events or training, which is his passion. Matthew also enjoys giving of his time to such charitable organizations as New York Cares. World travel and staying abreast of international issues are also among his favorite pastimes."