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Joel 'Truck' Anderson
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Contestant-related press and rumors
Joel's CBS S16 site bio
January 5 , 2008: CBS eventually gets around to putting up their Survivor: Micronesia site, which includes Joel's bio (below):

Age: 32
Home Town: Avondale, AZ
Occupation: Firefighter

    Joel Anderson is a firefighter for the city of Phoenix, Arizona. He assists in the treatment and transport of patients with medical emergencies and also helps fight fires. He has previously worked for a private ambulance company and has also taught. Anderson received a BA in human communications from Arizona State University.
    Anderson's hobbies include training for his job, swimming and motorcycles. He runs and lifts weights regularly. His favorite sport is Olympic-style wrestling. He describes himself as driven, loyal and caring. He thinks his perseverance, self-confidence, heart, power, strength, endurance, work-ethic, intelligence, resourcefulness, EMS skills and positive attitude are all skills he possesses to do well on Survivor.
    Anderson has previously lived in Tempe, Arizona and Waukesha, Wisconsin. He is a member of the International Association of Firefighters, Local 493 and the United Phoenix Firefighters Association.
    He and his wife, Jasmyn, currently reside in Avondale, Arizona, with their two sons, Kaden and Gavin. The have two labrador retrievers, Turbo and Thunder. His birth date is June 1, 1975."

Entertainment Weekly
January 3, 2008: Entertainment Weekly (mostly Dalton Ross) handles the cast-release chores for Survivor: Micronesia. Included is Joel's pre-show interview and Probst's comments:

AGE: 32
OCCUPATION: Firefighter
HOMETOWN: Avondale, Ariz.

JOEL SAYS: ''Bottom line, I'm here for my family. If I just wanted to go on vacation and hang out on the beach, I'd take my family with me.''

JEFF PROBST SAYS: ''Joel is the one guy who might be able to give James [Clement, the returning Favorite from Survivor: China] a run for his money, because he is every bit as big as James. He's a fireman, he's a father and a husband, and when I met with him the thing that really struck me is how he does everything for his wife and his family. And I like that about him. He's a big, big guy, and these challenges start off physical right from the get-go. Sometimes being a physical threat works against you early; I think in Joel's case it's going to be advantageous."
MayanSun at Survivor Sucks
December 19, 2007: MayanSun (SurvivorFever) posts a picture of Truck:

"Here's Joel Anderson, firefighter from Phoenix, aka 'Truck'." (Follow the link to see the picture).

December 16, 2007: CBS shows clips of the non-All Star contestants in their preview of S16/ Survivor: Micronesia. Truck has no speaking role, and as far as we can tell, no images, unless he's in the challenge shot (he has several tattoos, hard to say if they're a match) or the group shot shown below:

Vidcaps - Click thumbnails images to view larger image:
Truck? group shot
DanieuBleau at SurvivorSkills
December 15, 2007: From DanieuBleau at SurvivorSkills, some new info on Truck/Joel:

[Graphic that says: "JOEL aka TRUCK - Phoenix Fire Department"]. Follow the link to see the graphic.

Note: We think that it someone (smokeitgood on 12/3?) may have also cleared up that CobySucks's "Joel, a fireman" and "Truck" were actually all one person before this point, but we can't find a post to verify that.

CobySucks at Survivor Sucks
December 3, 2007: Follow-up post from CobySucks at SurvivorSucks's S16+ forum:

"Okay the first cast spoiler I will say I am 100% on...

I have then been giving the rest of the cast list from very very very good sources so I will mark this 99%...
Joel, a fireman, Kathy, Mary (fake tits), Natali
e, Alexis and Tracy

add in Curt and Truck and that should be the whole new tribe except 1."

CobySucks at Survivor Sucks
December 3, 2007: Someone named CobySucks reveals the following at SurvivorSucks's S16+ forum:

"Like i said i will NOT spoil the actual game but i don't think cast spoilers ruins anything. here are some names i have found out and this is all I know about them at this point...

Mary-fake tits
Mikey B- LA guy
Truck- new Rupert type/big guy

Curt- works for Miss America/Universe

and then there is supposedly another older lady who goes kind of whacko and tries to cut her fingers off with a machette????"

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