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Tracy Hughes-Wolf
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Contestant-related press and rumors
Tracy's CBS S16 site bio
January 5 , 2008: CBS eventually gets around to putting up their Survivor: Micronesia site, which includes Tracy's bio (below):

Age: 43
Home Town: Fredericksburg, VA
Occupation: Commercial and Residential Builder

    Tracy Hughes-Wolf is a commercial and residential builder. She formerly worked as a fitness studio owner and did some acting and modeling. She attended some college at Chowan College in Murfreesboro, North Carolina and Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, before dropping out to start her own aerobic workout company.
    Hughes-Wolf's hobbies include scuba diving, skiing (snow and water), rollerblading, parachuting and kayaking. She describes herself as charismatic, funny and fit. She believes her resourcefulness, athletic ability, resilience, and competitive, yet forgiving, nature will help her on Survivor. She is a member of the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America and is a Room Mother at Fredericksburg Academy when she can fit it in her schedule.
    Hughes-Wolf currently resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia with her husband of 10 years, Phillip, and their children, Madison and Abigail. They have two Boston terriers, Elliot and Eleanor, and one hamster, Wesley. Her birth date is July 9, 1964.."

Entertainment Weekly
January 3, 2008: Entertainment Weekly (mostly Dalton Ross) handles the cast-release chores for Survivor: Micronesia. Included is Tracy's pre-show interview and Probst's comments:

AGE: 43
OCCUPATION: Commercial builder
HOMETOWN: Fredericksburg, Va.

TRACY SAYS: ''I'm a thrill seeker. I want to push myself to that point where I know I can do it.''

JEFF PROBST SAYS: ''Tracy should be very valuable because of her background, because she's a woman who works in construction. I don't know how much she wants to share about what she does, because there's a part of her that thinks if she comes on too strong [she] could be seen as a threat. But on paper, this is something you rarely get: somebody who knows how to build. Boston Rob knew how to build things and that made him hugely valuable. I think Tracy could be the same way."
MayanSun at Survivor Sucks
December 17, 2007: MayanSun (SurvivorFever) posts a series of vidcaps from the post-S15 finale preview, matching names to faces. Included in the group is Tracy, for whome MayanSun provides last name, approximate age, and hometown:

"Tracy Wolf from Fredericksburg Va, about 40 Yrs old."

December 16, 2007: CBS shows clips of the non-All Star contestants in their preview of S16/ Survivor: Micronesia. Tracy's blurb and images:

Tracy: "Unbelievable."
(Couldn't possibly be taken out of context).

Vidcaps - Click thumbnails images to view larger image:
Tracy Tracy
Babalu at TWoP
December 7, 2007: TWoP poster Babalu makes the following, potentially spoiler-laden post:

"My sister got home last night and said that JFP was also on the Probst flight from Guam to Honolulu. When I mentioned the rumors about a 1/2-former contestants/1/2-newbies season, she agreed that seemed likely since, sitting next to JFP on the plane was a buxom blonde named Tracy (unknown if that's her real name or a fake name). Tracy said she'd been one of the survivors and that they were all on this flight. Kat (sister) didn't recognize anyone other than Probst (the only one in first class), JFP, and an "older Asian man," whom we believe to be Yau Man. When she's home for more than a day, I'll have her come over and show her pictures of some of the rumored contestants to see if she can ID anyone else."

CobySucks at Survivor Sucks
December 3, 2007: Someone named CobySucks (who?) reveals the following at SurvivorSucks's S16+ forum:

"Okay the first cast spoiler I will say I am 100% on...

I have then been giving the rest of the cast list from very very very good sources so I will mark this 99%...
Joel, a fireman, Kathy, Mary (fake tits), Natali
e, Alexis and Tracy

add in Curt and Truck and that should be the whole new tribe except 1."

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