Oh dear, it's the True Dork Times'...
(a.k.a. more crap, and we do mean crap, than you ever wanted to know about Survivor: Guatemala).

Survivors: Please deposit used contestants in the marked cenote receptacles. Thank you.
Contestant Name, info Factors for boot Factors against boot Overall survivability
Stephenie LaGrossa
25, Toms River, NJ
- She's played the game before. - Tip to TDT: Steph does relatively well, possibly better than Palau.
Episode 14 Overall
Lost, 6-1 Winner?
Danni Boatwright
30, Tonganoxie, KS
- Mom: "There's no horse's mouth" (apparently responding to "Danni wins!" rumors).
- Minority tribe, strong.
- rshadduck: Danni wins?
- Dottegirl: Makes it to family visit?
- Phoenix: Late jury?
Episode 14 Overall
Won, 6-1 Second place?

Il Purgatorio (jury members)
Contestant Name, info Factors for boot Factors against boot Overall survivability
Rafe Judkins
22, Providence, RI
- Probst: "He might have a good idea who to pair up with." And if he doesn't? - Tip to TDT: "Rafe does very well."
- Combination of outdoor skills and humor should serve him well. In theory.
Episode 14 F2 vote?
Voted out: 2-1 Steph
42, Lakewood, WA
- None, but anyone would be crazy to intentionally face the jury against her.
- ivoryElephant: Lydia gets booted in Ep12.
- Probst, and Probst again: Claims she doesn't have a chance. So... she may.
Episode 14 F2 vote?
Voted out: 3-1 ?
Cindy Hall
31, Naples, FL
- Seems to be on outer edge of dominant alliance. - Local rumor: Final four?
- Phoenix: Makes family visit.
- Tip to TDT: Makes final five.
Episode 13 F2 vote?
Voted out: 4-1 Steph?
Judd Sergeant
34, Ridgefield, NJ
- Strong, bad attitude.
- Tip to TDT: Doesn't make final two.
- Tip to TDT: Makes F5 or F4.
- Tip to TDT: Judd may have done relatively well, lost some weight.
- Locals: Fat young guy lost ~80 lbs.
- Phoenix: Family visit.
- yofox2: Final two with Steph?
Episode 12 F2 vote?
Voted out: 4-2 Danni?
Gary Hogeboom
47, Grand Haven, MI
- Minority tribe, strong.
- Tip to TDT: Just misses family visit episode.
- BB5 Will Fan: "came home very skinny," lasted at least circa family visit.
Episode 11 F2 vote?
Voted out: 6-1 Danni
Jamie Newton
24, N. Hollywood, CA
- Ep7: Renewed conflict with Stephenie.
- Strong, bad attitude.
- KingNeptune: Voted out just before family visit RC?
- Strong guy, on a relatively weak team.
- Majority tribe.
Episode 10 F2 vote?
Voted out: 6-2 Danni?
bobby jon
Bobby Jon Drinkard
27, Santa Monica, CA

- He's played the game before.
- Xbalanque: First juror.
- Minority tribe, strong.

- Why Would Jesus Depart?
- Corvis: Bobby Jon came back "tanned and thin."
- Xbalanque: Makes jury.
Episode 9 F2 vote?
Voted out: 6-2-1 Steph?

Non-jurors: Please enjoy this dysentery as a lovely parting gift!
Contestant Name, info Factors for boot Factors against boot Overall survivability
Brandon Bellinger
22, Manhattan, KS
- Xbalanque: Probably last non-juror.
- Minority tribe, strong.
- Seems to be a hard worker.
- Kicking ass in challenges.
Episode 8 Overall
Voted out: 6-4 Toast
Amy O'Hara
39, Revere, MA
- Couldn't keep up in Ep1, ankle problems since Ep3, another injury in Ep6? - "It's merely a flesh wound!"
Episode 7 Overall
Voted out: 4-1 Toast
Brian Corridan
22, New York, NY
- Family: "Proud of him" just for making it onto the show.
- Blake (SLive, 10/14): said he flew back home with Brian.
- Registered two domain names the day after getting home.
Episode 6 Overall
Voted out: 5-1 Toast
Margaret Bobonich
43, Chardon, OH
- Oldest woman on her tribe.
- In healthy tribe, no call for her services.
- Registered two domain names the day after getting home.
- Tip to TDT: Claims she lost circa 25 lbs.
Episode 6 Overall
Voted out: 6-1 Toast
Blake Towsley
24, Dallas, TX
- Health issues will linger for a while.
- Xbalanque: Gone circa Ep4?
- Tip to TDT: Out by Ep5?
- None obvious.
Episode 5 Overall
Voted out: 5-2 Toast
Brooke Struck
26, Hood River, OR
- Possibly the weakest person on her tribe, in a season that tests strength.
- Oh yeah, and she's a lawyer.
- Tribe may not be aware she's there.
Episode 4 Overall
Voted out: 5-3 Toast
Brianna Varela
21, Edmonds, WA
- Seriously, who doesn't need $285 wrinkle cream in the middle of the rain forest? - Brianna: Show was not "fun"; "I was starving myself."
Episode 3 Overall
Voted out: 7-1 Toast
Morgan McDevitt
21, Sullivan, IL
- Cheerleader, model, sorority member... what's not to like? - Probst: Calls her an "underdog," suggesting she's not an immediate boot.
Episode 2 Overall
Voted out: 8-1 Toast
Jim Lynch
63, Northglenn, CO
- Tip to TDT: No obvious weight loss, probably out early.
- Probst: Attitude may be a problem.
- TVGuide: Puking on Day 2.
- In pretty good shape for 63.
Episode 1 Overall
Voted out: 8-1 Toast

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