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Episode 14: "Thunder Storms and Sacrifice" Filmed: August 2-4, 2005
Airdate: Sunday, December 11, 2005
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soy un perdedorVidcaps:
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Aired 12/8/05
time to snuff survivor's torchVidcaps:
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Aired 12/8/05
Episode description
Video: Watch the CBS web promo. (Real media; uploaded 12/9/05)
CBS: "- A surprise from a local family quickly shakes up the Final Four in a traditional Maya ceremony. Later, a surprise thunderstorm sets the Survivors wondering if a decision they made upset the Maya gods.
- Two Survivors question their alliance and agree on who should be eliminated. Will this decision work to their advantage?
- With only three days left, the Final Four face off in an intense battle to make it to the end. Who will outwit, outlast and outplay to be become the Sole Survivor?"
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Going back to ToothOfTime's final four spoiler, Lydia would appear to be the boot here. As just about every person on the Survivor boards noticed as soon as it aired (say, here, or here, or here), the post-Ep13 preview of the finale clearly shows Rafe at the F4 tribal council, wearing the immunity necklace. So it seems likely that Rafe wins the challenge. We suppose one of the other three could have actually won, and then idiotically handed him the necklace, but that seems unlikely.

As for the challenge itself, it appears to involve running around a maze, collecting triangular cylinder objects with designs on them (perhaps to assemble some final puzzle at the end?). Fairly typical F4 IC fare. As Ives points out, the overview shot of the maze appears to be from the end, with Rafe assembling his puzzle at the final table, in front of Probst.
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f4 ic start lydia - f4 ic rafe - f4 ic steph - f4 ic danni - f4 ic
determined lydia - f4 ic rafe wins f4 ic rafe wins f4 ic rafe wins f4 ic

We've been told Danni wins this challenge, and picks Stephenie (instead of Rafe) to accompany her in facing the jury. Which makes sense, and fits with ToothOfTime's final four list.

Final Three IMMUNITY CHALLENGE vidcaps - Click to expand

How the jury votes will essentially be a referendum on Stephenie, voting for or against her, as opposed to an endorsement/rejection of Danni. In Danni's favor: reaching the final two from an extreme minority tribe position (as Chris did in Vanuatu), athleticism, getting along with everyone, and so on. Danni doesn't seem to have many negatives, although three of the jurors were only in a tribe with her after the merge, at which point she was in an opposing alliance.

For Stephenie, she stabbed Jamie and Judd in the back. And she had her little spat with Lydia. Plus, she's a returning player. But she played the game hard, and managed to be at the head of a dominant alliance throughout the game. Similar characteristics to Palau winner Tom Westman. Unlike Tom, however, she didn't pick an unpopular tribemate as her final two opponent. Stephenie's key Ep1 quote may turn out to be: "But I do have that nervousness that maybe they'll see me as too threatening, or maybe I'm not as spectacular as they thought I would have been."

How will the votes break down? We'd guess Rafe is a sure vote for Steph, and perhaps the only one. From her post-boot comments, Cindy sounds like a solid Steph vote as well. We think Bobby Jon will also cast his vote for Steph, he respected her control of Yaxha in Ep1, and she got him to the jury. So Steph only needs one other vote to fall her way to win the million. For what it's worth, we've heard Steph was much better liked than has been shown on TV. Whether that translates into votes remains to be seen, however.

As for Danni's votes, Gary is likely to pick her, since they were in an alliance together (although he was with Steph as well), and they share a similar religious background. Judd will probably vote Danni to pay Steph back for booting him. Then there's Jamie. He was strongly anti-Steph in Ep1 ("How am I going to win a million dollars now that she's here?"). But he was later in an alliance with her. And then was unceremoniously removed by her. Probable Danni vote, making three penciled into Danni's column.

The final vote is Lydia's, which could go either way. She was in awe of Steph in Ep1, but clearly things have changed since then. But we're leaning for another Steph vote.

In reality, we have no idea how the contestants actually voted. The real vote total could be anything from a 5-2 stomping by Danni to a narrow win (4-3) for either woman. But this is Survivor: Stephenie LaGrossa, and we think Steph could somehow pull out a win. And if not, that won't be terribly surprising, either. Either way, we're done with spoiling Survivor. Thanks for reading our excessive rambling.

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