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Model/ sorority girl
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August 11, 2005

- Pre-game interview transcript, taken from the CBS News site video, entitled: "The Magician's Assistant."

Morgan: - "I'm the oldest of four. Um, my mom had me when she was 20. So we kind of... grew up together."
- "My mom was in an abusive relationship when I was younger. And so, um... I have kind of had to be there, for my brothers, which has kind of made me like very strong-willed, and very independent."
- "I know that I'm like put on this Earth to do something great, I just don't know what it is yet. So I'm just kind of exhausting the possibilities, trying to do as much as I can to figure it out. And what, you know, greater experience than this?"
- "People that um, that are just, like outright rude to others. You know, I don't really have a need to just like make fun of people for no reason. I'm pretty um, tolerant of all different types."
- "I am very impulsive, and I hope that that won't get me in trouble, um... when I'm out there. Because sometimes you, I talk before I think, and that's not always a good thing."

- CBSNews.com video archive

August 11, 2005 - Officially revealed as a Survivor: Guatemala contestant on the Early Show. - CBS Early Show site
June, 2005 - SurvivorFever gets a tip about a smart cheerleader from the Midwest:

"Female Contestant - Name Unknown
Age: 20-something female
Location: Mid-West
Occupation: Student - 4.0 GPA, Sorority Girl, Dancer"

See Morgan's updated SurvivorFever contestant page for additional new info.
- SurvivorFever
Spring, 2004 - Morgan's picture appears, along with those of her sisters in the Upsilon chapter of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, at Millikin University, in Decatur, Illinois.

- (Other pictures are there, too).
- Millikin's Alpha Chi Omega chapter's web site
November 7, 2002 - "Morgan cheerleader with Big Blue

   Morgan McDevitt has earned a spot on the Millikin Big Blue cheerleading squad.
   McDevitt was one of 30 girls who tried out for the team, including seven returning lettermen.
   Morgan was in Pom Pons her freshmen and senior year and won the spirit award and went to Florida with Showstoppers her senior year. She won best choreographed dance and MVP her senior year and the Principle award for her efforts in Poms.
   She was a varsity cheerleader her sophomore and junior year. She was a Sullivan Singer all four years and won best performer award more than once. She was on National Honor Society and is currently getting a 4.0 at Millikin."
- Jason Brown, writing for Sullivan, IL NewsProgress.com

Photo credit: NewsProgress
July 18, 2002 - Competed in the Miss Moultrie 2002 beauty contest:
"2002 Miss Moultrie Contestants (left to right) ... Morgan McDevitt of Sullivan"

-Note: A later photo from September 12, 2002 shows another contestant as Miss Moultrie, along with Morgan .
- NewsProgress.com

Photo credit: NewsProgress
December 27, 2001 - "Dancing with Disney

    Mirror, mirror on the wall . . .
    Morgan McDevitt found that the mirror on the studio wall at Disney World reflected 40 young performers and that she was one of them. Magic, indeed.
    The Sullivan girl was selected to attend the week-long Showstoppers Camps of America Nov. 18 in Orlando, where she performed in a Disney World Parade and was named a Showstopper All-Star.
    'Most people came with two, three or five people from their squad, but I was there by myself,' she said, adding with a laugh. 'That was very scary.'
    The high point of the trip was probably the workshop in which a Disney choreographer put the performers through their paces as if they were professionals.
    'The workshop we did was like a mock audition,' she said. 'We went backstage, and they said no photography and all that stuff. They treated us like we were Equity (union performers), or part of them. In this little studio, they gave us all numbers and name tags. Then they lined us up in rows in front of this big studio mirror.'
    The young showstoppers numbered about 40. 'Every year, there are usually about 75 to 100 girls, but only about 40 came because of everything that’s happened since Sept. 11,' McDevitt explained. 'So many parents were afraid to let their kids fly, so this was like a really special group this year.' The choreographer taught the 40 girls two Disney Magic Kingdom dance routines — one from The Lion King and another from Song of the South.
    'Then they picked out girls that they thought would have made it,' McDevitt said. 'Then they had a girl play the producer, and she walked around and asked all these questions. How tall are you? Can you ballroom dance?'
    'They told us everything — what to wear, how to audition. If you wanted to audition with Disney, they told us everything to do and not to do,' McDevitt said. 'It was really cool. I learned a lot. Working with show choir, you know some of that stuff — how to be professional, how to perform. We work with professional choreographers (in Sullivan High show choir), but it was still a really cool experience. I met friends that I’m going to have for a lifetime.'
    McDevitt also wanted to thank some other friends — the Sullivan sponsors who helped her raise the $1,000 it took to make the trip. 'That’s a big deal, that our communities can help us out, and be so involved,' she said."
- Katie Davis, writing for NewsProgress.com

Photo credit: NewsProgress
April 25, 2001 - "Sullivan High School
   Two seniors, nine juniors, six sophomores and three freshmen earned straight A’s during the third quarter at Sullivan High School. [Note: list does not include Morgan]
... Juniors with high honors are ... Morgan McDevitt...."
- NewsProgress.com

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