Margaret Bobonich
43, Chardon, OH
Nurse practitioner
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Contestant-related press and rumors
August 16, 2005

- A lengthy biographical story about Margaret. Click link at right for full story. Excerpts below:

"Elkview native a ‘Survivor' contestant
Former co-workers, mother remember woman's athleticism, competitive nature
   Elkview native Margaret Bobonich is described by her family and former co-workers as athletic and goal-oriented. The 43-year-old nurse practitioner will have a shot to prove herself on the upcoming season of the CBS hit reality show Survivor.
    Although Bobonich moved out of the area 10 years ago, her mother, Judy Witthohn-Eskew, still resides in Elkview. Bobonich currently lives in Chardon, Ohio, with her husband, Steve, and their two sons, Mike and Chase,
   Witthohn-Eskew said her daughter has always been determined in whatever she does. 'Margaret always went after what she wanted,' she said. 'She is competitive, but with five sisters, you would be competitive, too.'
   Bobonich attended Elkview Middle School and graduated from Herbert Hoover High School in 1980. She went on to West Virginia University and the University of Charleston, where she graduated with a degree in nursing.
   After college, Bobonich spent 16 years as a nurse at CAMC Memorial and for Healthnet Aeromedical Services, the local helicopter ambulance provider. Becky Oakley worked with Bobonich at Healthnet and remembers her being athletic and outgoing. 'She always seemed very motivated and in pretty good shape,' Oakley said. 'You almost have to be to do the kind of work we do.'
   Oakley said the occupation included working in unusual places and hefting patients over rugged terrain. She said Bobonich loved the job and the non-stop action that was involved. 'What we do here is very challenging -- I mean, it's not for the faint of heart,' Oakley said. 'I think this type of position is perfect to prepare someone to be on Survivor.'
   This season, Bobonich will be pitted against other competitors including an ex-NFL quarterback, a retired fire captain and a ranch hand, among others. Witthohn-Eskew said she knows her daughter will do her best on the show. 'She has come a long way,' she said. 'Of course, I am proud -- what mother wouldn't be?'

- Matthew Thompson, Charleston (WV) Daily Mail
August 12, 2005 - Chuck Yarborough follows up on his pre-cast release media outing of Margaret:

"Local woman snags a spot on 'Survivor'
    See the lady in the lime green top in the middle of the front row? If she looks familiar, it's because she's from these parts. Margaret Bobonich of Munson Township is the newest local resident to appear on a reality show, Survivor: Guatemala.
   Boys and girls, I told you this material would be on the test. Which Northeast Ohio resident will backbite, scheme and be deliciously duplicitous on the altogether entertaining Survivor: Guate mala? Yes, you in the back row? No, not Mike White. Go to the principal's office. You in the front row, with the tape on your glasses? Right, Margaret Bobonich. When I talked to her Monday, all I got were giggles, smirks and "who, me's?" I'm glad she's on the show, which debuts on WOIO Channel 19, the local CBS affiliate, at 8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 18. It erases a dilemma for me. Native Texan Chuck is blood-bound to back contestant Gary Hogeboom, once starting quarterback for my beloved Dallas Cowboys. But Ohio resident Chuck can't get past Hogeboom's Michigander status (even if he went to Central Michigan and not Michigan).    Bobonich, a 43-year-old nurse practitioner, didn't return phone calls Thursday . . . not that she could say anything if she did. The pact that contestants sign with CBS does everything but duct-tape their mouths shut. Oh, and I repeat that I'm betting on her to win. (Which means she'll probably get voted off in the first show. A good luck charm, I'm not.)"
- Chuck Yarborough's column in the Cleveland Plain Dealer
August 11, 2005 - Pre-game interview transcript, taken from the CBS News site video, entitled: "Margaret Bobonich works hard."

Margaret: "- My one son jokes with me, because, he calls me the man-child, you know. And my other son says [flexing biceps] 'Mom, where's the weight room?' You know? So... so we have a good time with, um, health at our house. It's a joke, but we enjoy it."
- "I am a very determined 43-year-old woman, who probably believes that she's still on 20. And, um, I get whatever I'm going after. That's just all there is to it. Nothing in life is handed to ya. I accept that, I've lived that. So, I'll work for it, I'll get it."
- "I'm used to dealing with pressure, and stressful situations. So, the more the stress, the more the pressure, the better I am."
- "I'm just gonna lay low, because I don't want them to see me as, um, a big physical or... intellectual threat."
- "There's two, uh, important rules that I live by. One is: nothing is free, nobody gives you anything. Anything you want, you have to work for. And that's the first thing. The second thing is, if you want it bad enough, go after it. Nothing is impossible. Go ahead, dream, and go after it."
- video archive

August 11, 2005 - Officially revealed as a Survivor: Guatemala contestant on the Early Show. - CBS Early Show site
August 9, 2005 - The local press enters the fray, two days before the official cast reveal:

"Hola! Survivor:
    Here we go again. Another local yokel in the reality TV world. A number of Web sites for geeks who follow such things have outted Margaret Bobonich of Munson Township as a cast member of Survivor: Guatemala, which recently wrapped shooting. Now technically, no one can say for sure that she's in. CBS is waiting to 'announce' the cast on The Early Show on Thursday. And when I talked to her Monday, she sort of snickered and pretended not to know what Survivor is. I resorted to my Jedi journalist mind tricks and asked her if it was fun. She just giggled and coyly said she didn't know what on earth I was talking about. She even said she couldn't tell me what she does for a living, which I think your average person would've figured out by the age of 43. But Bobonich did say I could call back Thursday. Which either means she likes my telephone voice or she really is on the show. Look, I'll tell you up front that I have zero intel on this. But I'm betting right here and now that not only was she hangin' in Guatemala, I wouldn't be surprised if she won."
- Chuck Yarborough's column in the Cleveland Plain Dealer
August 3, 2005 - Margaret's name discovered here at the True Dork Times.

Not much info available publicly on the web, but she appears to be married to a Stephen Bobonich, who is a Senior Vice President with the Republic Bank in Cleveland. Both appear to reside in the greater Cleveland metro area.

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