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Contestant-related press and rumors
August 11, 2005 - Officially revealed as a Survivor: Guatemala contestant on the Early Show. - CBS Early Show site
July 27, 2005 - Howie Beardsley of the Grand Rapids Press asks some probing questions (and gets some revealing answers, including from CBS):

"Family won't say if Hogeboom is on Survivor
   Is Gary Hogeboom a Survivor or isn't he?
   That's the million-dollar question about the Northview High School graduate and former NFL quarterback.
   Hogeboom, 46, of Grand Haven, is believed to be a contestant on this fall's "Survivor: Guatemala," which will mark the 11th season of CBS's reality series. But no one -- not his family, not the TV network -- will confirm this.
   The show is being taped in the Central American country and will air beginning Sept. 8.
   Hogeboom, a Central Michigan University graduate and local land developer, is listed as a Survivor contestant on a Web site that provides small talk on the series -- www.truedorktimes.com. Survivor participants and their family members are sworn to secrecy through confidentiality contracts with CBS.
   'We cannot confirm nor deny' who is competing in Survivor: Guatemala, CBS spokeswoman Kim Sartori said. 'We will announce our cast in early August.'
   So is Hogeboom a Survivor or isn't he?
   'He's on a mission trip in Central America,' was the most Hogeboom's son, Jake, would say. 'He left in late June ... and he's expected back the first week of August.'
   When asked who was sponsoring his father's mission trip, the younger Hogeboom said: 'It's with a bunch of guys from around the country, not with any organization.'
   Gary Hogeboom's father, Bob Hogeboom, said he was unable to discuss his son's whereabouts. 'I would if I could, but I can't,' Bob Hogeboom said.
   When told that his grandson informed The Press that Gary was on a mission trip, Bob replied: 'Yeah, it's a mission trip.'"
- Howie Beardsley, Grand Rapids Press
July 25, 2005 - Mark Francescutti of the Detroit Free Press breaks Gary's name in the print media:

"Ex-QB Hogeboom a 'Survivor'?
    Michigan has a contestant on this fall's Survivor, and he's someone sports fans might remember.
    Former Central Michigan and NFL quarterback Gary Hogeboom, a land developer from Grand Haven, will compete on Survivor: Guatemala, the Free Press has learned.
   Taping of the 11th edition of the popular CBS reality show is under way in Central America.
CBS will reveal the contestants in late August, and Survivor: Guatemala will debut in mid-September (in Detroit, on Channel 62).
   CBS's policy is not to comment on potential contestants during filming. Hogeboom's family and friends can't comment on his status because they have signed strict confidentially agreements with the network. Even when Hogeboom returns, he will not be able to discuss the show until after the episode airs in which he's voted off or becomes the winner.
   Bret Hyble, one of Hogeboom's former Chippewas teammates, describes Hogeboom as "a very outgoing person. Once he puts his mind to do something, he does it."
   Hogeboom, who turns 47 in August, works out every day. He has a lingering shoulder problem that limits him from playing golf. He volunteers with youth and has been an assistant coach on kids' sports teams, which might help because "Survivor" contestants usually skew younger.
   The Grand Rapids Northview graduate and his wife, Kristi, have three daughters and one son, Jake, who briefly tried to walk on for football and basketball at Michigan State and played basketball at Hope College last season. Jake now works in real estate.
   Gary Hogeboom starred at CMU in 1976-79. He played in 10 NFL seasons with three teams, including the first six with the Dallas Cowboys, who drafted him in the fifth round in 1980. He finished with 9,436 yards, 49 TDs and 60 interceptions in 79 games.
   The possibility that Hogeboom would be on the show was first reported by truedorktimes.com, a Survivor-spoiling Web site.
   Hogeboom is the first Michigan Survivor contestant since Detroiter Clarence Black on Survivor: Africa in autumn 2001, the third season of the show. Two Detroit-area contestants participated in the second season in Australia: Michael Skupin, who suffered burns to the hand and had to be evacuated, and chef Keith Famie, who finished in third place."
- Mark Francescutti, Detroit Free Press
September 4-8, 2003 - Attended "Playing With the Pros Weekend" with other CMU athletic alumni, at CMU in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. If you "read more" following the link at right, you can find a picture of Gary from this event (adapted at right and above).

(Note: Original photo copyright Legends and Alumni, 2003).
- PlayingWithThePros.com (warning: annoying audio).
Sometime in 2004 - An alternative view of Gary's NFL career, at least in Indianapolis. Part of a larger article entitled "Headlines You Will Never See." Included here because it's funny.

"Former Colts QB Gary Hogeboom Wins Pay-Per-View Tough-man Competition

I always found a way to get a good grade in middle school Health class, and much of that is due to Colts' QB Gary Hogeboom. He injured a different body part every time he was tackled. In the first four games following the 1987strike, Hogeboom's injury report became the perfect cheat sheet for any anatomy test. However, Hogeboom did not leave the game without a legacy. Mike Tyson told Flipside in our exclusive interview that the Colts' wayward QB was his primary inspiration for the 'Glass Joe' character on his much ballyhooed 'Punchout.'"
- Devon Durrant, FlipSide Sports
September, 2001 - In a "where are they now?" article in Texas Monthly, Brian Sweany looks up former Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks:

"Gary Hogeboom (1980-1985) is a real estate developer in Grand Rapids, Michigan."
- Brian D. Sweany, Texas Monthly
1985-1985 - Cowboys quarterback, which got him attention:
"Gary Hogeboom: Hogeboom was the opening day starter in 1984. To date, Gary Hogeboom and Steve Pelleur are the only QBs to have just one opening day start. Hogeboom got the nod over Danny White because of pressure on the Cowboys to shake the NFC Championship game losses. Hogeboom had taken over for an injured Danny White during the 1983 NFC Championship game and played well enough to warrant more opportunities. He led the Cowboys to a victory on opening day in 1984 and had a very nice game. Hogeboom was injured before the 1984 season was over and Danny White once again took the reigns. Danny White played much better than Hogeboom during the 1984 season and won his starting job back. To avoid even more controversy, Hogeboom was traded to the Colts after the 1985 season."
- CowboyCards.com

- NFL quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, and Phoenix Cardinals. Notably, according to the Pro Football reference, "Gary Hogeboom never finished in the top 10 in any major category. Gary Hogeboom is not in the all-time top 50 in any major category."

- Pro-Football-Reference.com
1976-1979 - Lettered in football for Central Michigan University. Inducted into the CMU Athletic Hall of Fame in 1989. - CMU Hall of Fame

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