Brooke Struck
26, Hood River, OR
Law student
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Contestant-related press and rumors
August 20, 2005 - "Hood River’s Struck cast in new ‘Survivor’ series
   Yes, it’s true — a young woman from Hood River will be appearing on the next CBS Survivor series, “Survivor Guatemala, The Mayan Empire,” to begin airing Sept. 15.
   Brooke Struck, a fifth-generation Hood River native, went to Guatemala to film the series right after her graduation from Pepperdine University in May.
   'She’s very positive, very intelligent, and very good at problem solving,' said Sue Gay, Brooke’s mother. 'She’s physically strong — a runner — and mentally strong; not a real emotional, fall-apart kind of girl. And she’s got pioneer blood, so maybe these things will help her do well on the show.'
   Though the series has finished filming, Gay has no idea how her daughter fared. Every time she has asked Brooke anything at all, the response has been 'Watch the show.'
   Brooke, 26, the daughter of Dr. Tony and Sue Gay, graduated in 1997 from Hood River Valley High School and went on to Oregon State University, where she earned International and Political Science degrees, minoring in Spanish. After graduation she spent a year with the Americorps program, then entered the law school in Pepperdine.
   'But even though she’s been away from Hood River for awhile, she still thinks of it as home,' Gay said."
- Hood River News
August 11, 2005

- Pre-game interview transcript, taken from the CBS News site video, entitled: "Tomboy Brooke."

Brooke: - "I grew up on a farm, in a small town in Oregon. Um, called Hood River. And I spent a lot of time outdoors, camping, windsurfing, skiing, swimming, all that good stuff."
- "I can be a girly girl at times, and also a tomboy, too. I do like athletics and sports and stuff. I'm not as much into shopping as most girls."
- "I'm very outgoing, friendly, um, pretty agreeable, I get along with most people. And also smart, and competitive."
- "I think I have a better chance than any of them of winning this. I think I have, definitely have the mental game. I mean, I've been thinking through strategies, going through scenarios in my head. I've been reading up on, you know, outdoor survival, on the Mayan ruins, you name it. So I'm ready to go, and I've got the athletic ability. And I'll be underestimated."
- "Definitely my faith does, in God, and then my family. They're probably the two most important things. Watch out, don't underestimate me, because I'm going all the way."
- "One of the things I like to do in my spare time is break my nose. [Puts hands up to nose, hilarity-filled clicking sounds follow]."

- video archive

August 11, 2005 - Officially revealed as a Survivor: Guatemala contestant on the Early Show. - CBS Early Show site
July 30, 2005 - Mere hours after the release (here) of Brooke's name as a contestant, MayanSun ( posts a picture of Brooke's graduation from Pepperdine School of Law. A portion of which is featured at right: - Survivor Sucks S11+ board
2002-2005 - Attended Pepperdine University's law school, where she was a 3rd-year rep on the Student Bar Association in 2005 (was also a rep in 2004). Should have been on schedule to receive her Juris Doctorate in spring, 2005. - Pepperdine Law
July, 2001- July, 2002 - Recognized by HOusing for PEople, Inc. (HOPE), a non-profit in Hood River, Oregon, for her work as an AmeriCorps volunteer:

"Brooke Struck is HOPE's AmeriCorps/Vista Volunteer for the year (July '01-'02.)

Her focus is on Homebuyer Outreach, which means she organizes and helps teach HOPE's first-time homebuyer classes, "The ABCs of Homebuying." She also assists with special HOPE projects when needed, such as Self-Help and resident appreciation events at our various apartments. Her current focus is organizing HOPE's "Bike... Paddle... and Run for Cover" fundraiser relay on June 8th (look for upcoming details on our website.)

She's as local as you get, having lived in Hood River her entire life (except for a 4 yr. break to attend Oregon State University in Corvallis. Go Beavs!)

When she's not working she can usually be found up on the ski slopes or taking her new puppy, Toast, for a run. After her year of AmeriCorps service is over, then it's off to law school in the fall."
Spring, 2001 - Earned her International Degree (Honors) in Political Science from Oregon State's College of Liberal Arts. Thesis title: "Reconciliation and Forgiveness: The Promise of Healing for Wounded Nations." - International Degree page, Oregon State's web site
Fall, 2000 - Talked about her experiences in foreign exchange programs, in the OSU Honors College Chronicle. Sounds like she should be well prepared for speaking Spanish and eating gross food:

"Brooke Struck
One reason I decided to do the international degree was that by minoring in Spanish, doing an Honors thesis, and having gone on exchange, I already had met most of the international requirements. I’m also uncertain as to what I want to do after graduation, and having an international degree will give me more options to explore.

I went to Santander, Spain, to take Spanish classes, learn Spanish culture and history, and travel around Spain and Europe. We toured several famous cities and got to try all different types of Spanish cuisine (including morcilla de burgos (blood sausage), pulpo (octopus), white asparagus, cow’s intestine, and yemas (sugared raw egg yolk!))

My thesis topic is still being hammered out, but it has to do with foreign policy and the atrocities that the U.S. have let happen abroad, and in our own country (especially with regards to different races). We have also played a role in preventing democracy in certain Latin American countries in order to protect our own private interests. I’m exploring the "forgiveness" movement that several grassroots organizations are trying to promote. Many of them feel the U.N. is failing at its job as a world peacekeeper.

Fortunately, the ID hasn’t set me back at all. I will graduate this spring, after 4 years at OSU. It does take 212 credits to graduate with an ID because it’s an additional degree, but I started with some high school AP credits and have taken between 16 and 18 credits almost every term.

I recommend this experience to every student at OSU. I know the international degree isn’t for everyone because of the extra work involved and it delays some people from graduating. However, studying abroad should almost be a requirement for college students. You learn so much and come back with a whole new perspective on things."
- Honors College Chronicle (Note: PDF document; relevant stuff is excerpted at left)
March 24, 2000 - "CORVALLIS - More than 200 Oregon State University juniors have earned The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi's Junior Accolades recognition.

Phi Kappa Phi is the nation's largest honor society and recognizes and encourages excellence in scholarship among all disciplines and fields of study - from liberal arts to sciences to the professional fields. Junior Accolades are awarded to juniors in the upper 10 percent of their class within their college.

Phi Kappa Phi Junior Accolades recipients include: ...

HOOD RIVER: Brooke Struck, political science."
- Oregon State press release.

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