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True Dork Times Survivor 14: Fiji Spoilers
Episode 9: "Are We Gonna Live on Exile Island?!" Filmed: November 20-22, 2006
Airdate: April 12, 2007
Episode 9: Summary | RC | Exile | IC | Boot
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Survivor: Fiji episode 9 detailed Immunity Challenge spoilers/ speculation

   You'd think that if they're merging, it's time for individual immunity challenges, right? Well, you'd be wrong. Our guess is that, even though they were already at day 24, they hadn't gotten around to stringing together a few rocks, bones and feathers and calling it an immunity necklace, so as SurvivorPhoenix spoiled, and vidcaps (from the promo posted at MeSS by Anywho) support, this one is done in randomly-selected teams of five. Creatively assigned orange and green "team" colors (our guess with hastily painted-over sections that formerly said "Moto" and "Ravu" on their canoes).

Before we begin, here's what SurvivorPhoenix had to say about the challenge:
"The two teams should break down as follows:
Alex, Dre, Michelle, Mookie and Stacy
Boo, Cassandra, Earl, Edgardo and Yau-Man

The challenge itself is designed to test communication and problem-solving. The players will need to retrieve all the bags containing puzzle pieces and then solve the puzzle. Look for the challenge star to have a big impact once again. The winning tribe enjoys a meal. The losing tribe leaves for Tribal Council immediately."

   Looking at the vidcaps, we can then piece together the challenge. It's amusing to note that Yau-Man's group is in the orange (really, not "Ravu") boat, and they appear to win. Guess the curse is lifted as soon as you stop speaking the tribe's name. But anyway, we see Edgardo chatting to Probst after the teams are picked, then the two teams racing out in their canoes to collect puzzle bags. Earl, Edgardo, Boo, Cassandra and Yau-Man are shown landing at the dock, and then celebrating (presumably having finished their puzzle).

Pre- and mid-immunity challenge pictures: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
edgardo, cassandra, boo - post-team pick? alex, dre - and they're off! near the docks
collecting bags collecting bags yau-man's group lands
getting the bags Earl's group wins! Earl's group wins!

   Who wins? Well, we'd say the images above seem to answer that question. For further confirmation, we also see Probst lecturing what looks like a downcast other team. And since CBS seems to be asking "What's going on here?", we'll offer the obvious explanation (see also SurvivorPhoenix's spoilers, above): they're going to tribal council.

Post-immunity challenge pictures: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
probst delivers the bad news i've got yer 'twist' right here the nightmarez continue
the nightmarez continue this can't be happening! alex can't run from the law
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