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True Dork Times Survivor 14: Fiji Spoilers
Episode 3: "This Isn't Survival... It's Thrival" Filmed: November 5-6, 2006
Airdate: February 22, 2007
Episode 3: Summary | RC | Exile | IC | Boot
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Survivor: Fiji episode 3 detailed Immunity Challenge spoilers/ speculation

   As promised on the TV Guide Channel preview, Probst will tempt the contestant's palates with delicious pig snouts this week, at least according to the CBS site: "In the Immunity Challenge, the Survivors are forced to eat foods off the Fijian menu, including fish eyes and pig snouts with hair still on them." See also the CBS press photos, posted by Anywho at MeSS, which reveal the challenge is called "U Pick I Chews."

Immunity challenge pictures: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
overhead shot: ooh! tables! probst at least it's food
delicioso! a bit chewy... mmm, hairy snouts
dude, boston rob woulda puked that up... you're no boston rob dre

   Who wins? Well, based on hints from both Jeff Probst ("What was really interesting was how quickly you started to see the attitude change where
the winning tribe started to have this sense of entitlement. It was fascinating to watch the rich tribe get lazy and entitled and the poor tribe get desperate and resentful") and SurvivorPhoenix ("the Haves have a win streak"), sounds like Moto wins again. And based on the bootee, that seems correct.
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