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True Dork Times Survivor 14: Fiji Spoilers
Episode 14: "You've Got a Puzzled Look " (season finale) Filmed: December 5-7, 2006
Airdate: Sunday, May 13, 2007
Episode 14: Summary | F5 IC | F5 Boot | F4 IC | F4 Boot | Jury vote
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Survivor: Fiji episode 14 detailed Final Jury Vote spoilers/ speculation

   There should be a jury vote on the three remaiining contestants. First, the experiment in Cook Islands worked out so well from CBS/Burnett's perspective, with a close vote split between two likeable contestants, that it seems highly unlikely they'd consider going back to the old system of the jury voting on the final two. Secondly, the Fiji contestants were back in the U.S. before the Cook Islands finale aired, so they had no knowledge that the format had been changed until they got there (although they could have been informed pre-game). And finally, TV Guide says so. So there.
   Who votes for whom? Here's our usual collection of guesses, based on the spoiler (from both Survivor Phoenix and Survivor Skills) that the final three are Earl, Cassandra and Dre.

  Why should I vote for...
Voter: Cassandra
DreDre Earl
james - No obvious reason. - After butting heads all season? Okay, maybe there is a chance. - Seems like a good guess. Longtime tribemates in Ravu.
lisi - Did they even talk to each other while on the same tribe? - Seems highly unlikely. - Only person she didn't treat as an outcast, although possibly because he was on the other tribe.
michelle - No obvious reason. - No obvious reason. - They had an alliance that would have taken her to F5 at least, barring a twist.
edgardo - Seems fairly bitter toward Cassandra, for reasons unknown. - Longtime tribemates, but Dreamz sold him out, causing his boot. - Earl was the captain of the opposing alliance, and the opposing tribe-picker. Respect?
mookie - Did they ever even talk? Eavesdrop, yes. But talk? - Dreamz sold him out, so this seems unlikely. - Earl did a fine job of letting him think Mookie was in charge on Ravu.
alex - We're guessing Cassandra's failure to vote with her original tribemates (Alex, Edgardo) will not be viewed favorably. - Dre screwed him, then couldn't even be bothered to vote for Yau-Man, after telling Alex he would. - As with Edgardo, Alex will probably appreciate Earl's ability to call the shots.
stacy - No obvious reason. - No obvious reason. - No obvious reason.
boo - Did he even talk to her? - Had to put up with Dreamz on two tribes. - Took an order from Earl once. Other than that, no clue if they're even civil.
yau-man - May bond over being the only over-40 contestants on the new Moto and Bula Bula tribes. - Highly unlikely. - Allies in finding the idols, alliance-mates.
Projected totals: Cassandra - ?; Dre - ?: Earl - 6+
Projected winner: Earl?

   To sum up, someone should win. His name is Earl. Apparently.

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