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Post-episode 6 future challenges
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Post-episode 6 future challenges: Click thumbnails to view larger images
   The following images were shown in the preview portion of the recap episode that aired 10/26/06, between episodes 6 and 7. Some can be attached to previous spoilers, others feature new footage.
Projected Ep8: Mutinous Probst's offer
how much for a bottle? every fifth one contains real urine!   For another exciting, never-before-seen "twist," we have Probst (in a traditional faded-blue and orange ensemble) telling the tribes, "You have 10 seconds to decide whether or not you change your fate in this game." Switching tribes? Yes.
   Would anyone take him up on the offer? Apparently the answer is yes. We have been told that Candice and Jonathan will accept Probst's offer, and switch back to their original tribe, Rarotonga. This will leave Aitutaki with the mere four players (Yul, Becky, Ozzy, Sundra) seen at the reward getaway below. Within Rarotonga, a campaign to oust all the non-original members (Brad, Jenny, Rebecca and Nate) will then commence.

   The best spot for this would appear to be immediately preceding the Ep8 RC, but it could be before the IC, we suppose.

Projected Ep 8 or beyond: Raka's cave getaway (Mitiaro island) reward
   See Outfrontgirl's thread at Survivor Sucks for a complete discussion of this reward. Since Mitiaro and Atiu are different islands, it seems possible that this reward and the Atiu feast could be separate events (thanks, OFG).

mitiaro cave jumping    Who's there?

   Hard to say. We can see at least four people (one of whom looks like Becky or Parvati, in black shorts and a green sweatshirt), plus another blurred out, helping people out of the water. Could be either tribe. The people in the water look somewhat like Adam and/or Candice, but they're really too small to accurately identify.
Projected Ep 9: Atiu getaway reward for Aitutaki
atiu feast procession atiu feast procession atiu feast procession
atiu feast processionSee Outfrontgirl's thread at Survivor Sucks for a full discussion of this reward.

    Briefly, on July 18th, with either 8 or 9 (or by our current count, 10) contestants left, four Survivors won a reward featuring a plane trip to the island of Atiu, where they partook in a traditional feast. As Chinagazer first reported (with pics, no less), the contestants (as seen at right) were brought in on "carrying chairs" for this event.

   Since these shots aired in the recap, VolcanicGlass has labeled the most likely contestants matching the blurred-out people in the shot at right. We think that's about right.

   Update: It appears this is a straight tribal reward (the Ep9 RC), and the only people left on Aitutaki to participate here are Yul, Ozzy, Becky and Sundra.
Projected Ep9: Yellow Probst and his bottle o' fun
how much for a bottle? every fifth one contains real urine! sorry, this one appears to have something else atiu feast procession
   Here's a fun-filled "twist." Probst (at an immunity challenge, dressed in a fashionable yellow shirt and cowboy hat) offers: "The losing tribe will take back to camp with them... this bottle." [Rarotonga appears to gasp in response]. So uh... what's in the bottle?

  We think the bottle twist may take place in Ep9, and it may have something to do with one of the two women pictured being taken out of the game. Or their fate after they're booted. Since the double boot will come from the Rarotonga tribe, and they're our two projected targets.
Eps 8-9: Random barrel and/or axe challenge(s)
axe goes chop, flag goes up oh boy, a barrel
   There are axes, there are barrels. All you need for actual fun are monkeys. (And sadly, no, Adam, whom you may recognize from his previous role as "Chunky Kong" in Donkey Kong 64, doesn't count).

   There's precious little spoiler value in this set of images, apart from the blue colors suggesting it comes from the tribal portion of the game. Due to the tight close-ups, they are obviously from the "dream team" demonstrations that precede the challenge, so no help there.
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