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True Dork Times Survivor 13: Cook Islands Spoilers
Episode 14: "This Tribe Will Self-Destruct in 5, 4, 3 ..." (finale) Filmed: August 1-3, 2006
Airdate: December 17, 2006
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Survivor: Cook Islands finale detailed Jury Vote spoilers/ speculation
   The final three of Yul, Becky and Ozzy will face the enlarged, nine-member jury. That means two more chances for exciting, pick-a-number-type questions, and tears of betrayal. Well, not really, since only two of the nine ever even voted with the final three. But in concept, more "drama." In practice... well, you'll see.

    So the real question is thus: who do all those crazy people vote for? We're no clearer on that than you. Although, as always, we're free to guess. Below is our occasionally-updated compendium of such speculation. Most likely votes are highlighted in green.

     We should also point out that while a Yul win seems logical, it would break the time-honored tradition of the winner not being shown in the water in the opening credits. Ozzy is shown on dry land, for his part, so if he wins, it would keep that streak alive. On the other hand, the editors have been a bit over-the-top in the past few episodes in their "hints" that Ozzy wins, even going so far as to have Yul voice reasons why that would happen in the penultimate episode. Not that those aren't, of course, logical reasons why that might happen (i.e. voting against the "mastermind" as a proxy for registering your complaint that Aitutaki decimated Rarotonga). Either way, the vote should be very, very close. In fact, too close to call.

    So who is it? SuperDolphinBoy, or the Mastermind? Read on...
  Why should I vote for...
Voter: becky ozzy yul
brad - Unlikely, but original tribemates. - No obvious reason. - Original tribemates; respect for Yul's intelligence, strategy; had an alliance with Yul.
rebecca - No obvious reason. - Views herself as an athlete, and Ozzy was good in all those challenges. - May respect Yul's gameplay, although the other four people in her "alliance" are Ozzy voters.
jenny - Original tribemates. - No obvious reason, except he's not Becky or Yul. - Original tribemates.
nate - No obvious reason. - Got along well with Ozzy, although seems a bit angry that Ozzy still booted him. - Respects Yul's gameplay.
candice - Bonded with Becky temporarily over their shared lack of use for camp labor. - Kicked her butt in challenges. - Directly responsible for Jonathan flipping, and ending her game. But respects his strategy.
jonathan - No obvious reasons. - No obvious reasons. - Seems to like Yul, who should win respect for bringing Jonathan in on the idol play.
parvati - No obvious reasons, although they seem friendly. - No obvious reasons, although they later become friendly. - No obvious reasons. Although he is, like, brilliant.
adam - No obvious reasons. - May respect Ozzy's athleticism, loner-ism. - Unlikely, but may respect Yul's gameplay.
sundra - Bonded with Becky. - May vote for Ozzy's fellow underdog survival abilities. - Yul's "protection" with the hidden idol only brought her so far.
Projected totals: Becky - 0; Ozzy - 5?: Yul - 4?
Projected winner: Ozzy?

   To sum up, it should be a 5-4 vote, with either Ozzy or Yul winning, depending on how Rebecca votes. Will she respect Yul's strategic and social game, or Ozzy's purely physical one? Will she vote with the more rational, mature voters, and pick Yul, or the younger, more emotional voters (all of whom were in what she viewed as her "alliance"), and vote Ozzy? In a way, it's also a gender-neutral recasting of the Australian Outback vote as well. Does Rebecca think Colby should have won? If so, chalk up a victory for Ozzy. Or was she happy with Tina's win? (As her coworker, Elisabeth, was). If so, Yul is your winner.

   We really don't know which way it will go. We'd like to think Rebecca voted for Yul. But we don't know that, and would not be terribly surprised if she voted for Ozzy, instead. prometheus seems to think Rebecca may have voted for the porn star, in which case, Ozzy wins. And VolcanicGlass at Survivor Phoenix has presented a thorough, editing-based analysis of signs that this appears to be the case. Still, either way, the outcome is acceptable. We'd marginally prefer Yul, but the smart guy never wins. At least Ozzy has good taste in literature.

Whew! With that out of the way, there's naught to do, save leave you with the words of Colin Meloy, which make as fine an epitaph for Survivor spoiling as we can come up with:

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